Contact Us

Why Us?

Our team is constantly looking for opportunities to connect with the community. We believe communication is the first step to understanding how we can help change the world. Working with others is essential in science and research! Some of the reasons to contact us include if you:

  • have any info or questions about our work
  • are interested in collaborating with us
  • are interested in funding our project
  • would like to share your story.

Thank You

Without the support of all of you, we wouldn't be the team we are today. Regardless of whether you contributed a little or a lot, we thank you for helping make our team strong and our project real! We have had so many amazing people and sponsors who have provided us with funding, analytical software, lab materials, and stories about how people in lesser developed areas personally have struggled with women's health issues. What we have done could not have been possible without the contributions of all these people.

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