To make a BioBrick for a gene, the gene needs to be flanked by a set of restriction enzymes known as the prefix and suffix. The prefix and suffix are separate sets of three restriction sites that allow for multiple options to insert genes.This allows for anyone to take a BioBrick, restriction digest it and insert that gene into their synthetic circuit. For our project, we will be creating five BioBricks that will include the genes ferredoxin, Delta7, P450scc, ADR, and 3BH. In our project, we needed to engineer progesterone in yeast, which is why we chose the five genes we did; once all five genes integrate into our yeast, it will make the yeast produce progesterone. All the composite BioBrick parts we made for our genes are flanked by the promoter TEF1 and the terminator Tsynth8. All these genes are codon-optimized to work in the yeast Yarrowia lipolytica.

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