Human Practice collaboration

We have worked together with the University of Exeter and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) since the early development of our Mars-oriented human practice and have been able to influence and troubleshoot with each other. With the first skype call taking place on 23 of June between Copenhagen and Exeter and DTU joining in not much later, we've been able to work together over a longer period and use each others connections and knowledge.

Together we have made a report trying to answer some of the biggest questions concerning space travel and colonization of Mars. Together with DTU we hosted an event during the danish public cultural and educational event "Kulturnatten" in collaboration with the Planetarium. The event was planned and executed as a joint venture between our two teams and was based on research done for our collaborative report and materials made by both teams. We have also participated in a lot of iGEM events where we have gotten to meet a lot of fellow iGEM'ers! At the European Meetup we also hosted a workshop.

Survey collaboration

We reviewed the Survey from Lund concerning Project Management for their Team Handbook before it was published