Team:UCopenhagen/Events Attended

iGEM Events

During our iGEM experience we have attended a couple of iGEM events. This has been with the focus of getting to know other igemmers, be social and begin potential collaborations. Every event has also contained interesting scientific talks from scientists and companies.

BioBrick Tutorial at DTU, Copenhagen

13th-15th of April 2018

We spent a weekend at DTU together with the rest of the Scandinavian iGEM-teams learning about biobricks and lab-technique - lots of quality time with E. coli and plasmids (tiny rings of DNA which can be inside bacteria).


Figure 1 Our team from UCopenhagen together with BioBuilders from DTU.

Nordic iGEM conference in Lund

8th-10th of June 2018

In June we went to Lund to a succesful meetup with the other Nordic teams. We heard a lot of interesting talks, tried to present our project for the first time and held a poster session.


Figure 2 Our team right before the Gala Saturday night.


Figure 3 All participants of NiC 2018.

European Meetup in Munich

20th-22nd July 2018

In July we went to the European Meetup in Munich. We held the workshop Online Public Engagement in Written Format on Medium which went very well. We hosted a workshop in social media and public engagement at the European Meetup. At the workshop, we talked about several online platforms, but with a special emphasis on Medium. Our iGEM team have this year used Medium quite a lot to share knowledge and publish our articles. It was a very good experience for us as a team to host the workshop and we got to talk with a lot of different iGEM teams about how they do social media and online engagement. You can read the program here Furthermore we talked with a lot of teams and discussed our different projects and their challenges.


Figure 4 Nat, Sofia, Max and our supervisor Morten, ready for the postersession.


Figure 5 360 degrees group photo from the European Meetup.