Internal protocols

Homemade protocols:

Leakiness protocol

Supported Lipid Bilayer experiment protocol

Internal protocol for the experiments performed in the confocal microscope with supported lipid bilayers. The protocol contains parts from other external protocols.

Injection assay protocol

Protocol for experiments with protoplasts. We have based our protocol losely on the Hokkaido 2011 iGEM teams protocol. We used the same buffers but prepared the protoplasts differently.

Cloning of constructs protocol

This protocol describes our strategy when assembling of the constructs that we worked with in lab.

Western blot and SDS-PAGE protocol

This protocol was provided to us from our supervisors in lab.

Injection into liposome protocol

Protocol overview describing the different experiments we performed with SIEC secretion into liposomes.

External protocols

Protocols from other sources:

Transformation of bacteria

Protocol from iGEM HQs. We use LB media instead of SOC media.

Competent cells

We used this iGEM protocol whenever making our competent cells. LB media was used instead of SOC media. In step 14, we aliquot 50 uL into 1,5 mL eppendorf tubes. (Nat should proofread this!).

Liposomes preparation step-by-step

Protocol from Nikos Hatzakis’ enzyme lab. Explains the process of making liposomes. When making liposomes in our own lab, we used liquid nitrogen instead of acetone and dry ice.

Liposome preparation

Excel sheet to calculate amount of lipid added when making liposomes. Goes with the protocol Liposomes preparation step-by-step.

Preparation of supported lipid bilayers

When making supported lipid bilayers it is based on this protocol step 8 to 12.