Nordic iGEM conference

During this year’s Nordic iGEM Conference we had the pleasure to participate in a three-day conference organized by the Lund University team. The conference consisted of talks, workshops, a poster session as well as a project presentation from all the teams. We were very impressed with all of the teams’ projects and efforts in making this a useful opportunity for us to learn more about iGEM, and to further develop our project. The project presentations were organized in such they served as a “mini Jamboree”. All the teams presented in front of judges, followed by a voting round from the audience and judges.

We were very honored and humbled to win both the audience choice as well as the judges’ choice. It was a great conference and we would like to extend our gratitude and thank the 2018 Lund University team for organizing, the judges for great input and all the other iGEM teams for creating a unique learning space.

Finally, we are looking very much forward to organizing the 2019 Nordic iGEM conference and we will do our best to make sure it will be just as great as this year’s.

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