Team:UiOslo Norway/Attributions


Student members

All student team members performed outstanding work and showed interest and dedication to the project. As we are a rather small team, we did not have a strict division of roles and many times we worked all together to accomplish certain parts of our project.


Our project was inspired by the works of iGEM Peking 2015 and iGEM UiOslo_Norway 2016. Our decision to detect vulvovaginal Candida albicans stemmed from the public lack of knowledge concerning the subject, and increasing antimycotic resistance.


At the University of Oslo, iGEM is offered as a two-semester course (course code: MBV4910IGEM) and is evaluated on a pass or fail basis. There are no supporting course materials, for this course as the course consists of a student-driven interdisciplinary project in synthetic biology. The course starts in March and finishes in October after the Giant Jamboree. We started brainstorming in the beginning of March and had a clear project idea at the end of March. In April, we started planning the lab work and experiments. In late June we received all components we had ordered; thus we were able to start working in the lab.

On this page, we would like to thank everyone who believed in our project and help us in the execution. We could not have come this far without the contribution of the people and companies listed below.

Work done by others


Without whom this project would not have been possible

Primary PI, course leader, and head of the Linke Group

Advisor and project support. Helped us with outreach and human practises

Instructor, provided us with invaluable help and advice during our labwork. We are forever grateful

Our secondary PI

Lab support

Thank you for your aid in the lab, and for your help with matters both practical and theoretical

Marcella O. Rydmark
Assisted us with difficult techniques, and protein purification

Ragnhild Eskeland
Provided us with expert feedback on CRISPR and guide RNA

National Reference Laboratory for Medical Mycology
Many thanks to Cecilie T. Andersen and Lonny M. Kløvfjell for giving us a tour of the laboratory, and general advice concerning yeasts

The Leo Group
Thank you for your patience and answering our questions

Beata Nadratowska-Wesolowska
Provided us with expert feedback on CRISPR and guide RNA

Sandra Lopez-Aviles
Provided us with the yeast cells necessary for a proof-of-concept

The Linke Group
Thank you for your patience and warm welcome to the labspace

Difficult technique support

Thank you for helping us to perform the difficult techniques

Bård Enger Mathiesen
Technical lab assistance, especially with freeze-drying techniques

Johannes Landskron
Provided us with access to a flowcytometer, and helped us set it up for the Interlab study

Human Practices

Thank you for helping us reach out to the community

Åslaug Brynhildsen
Aided us with public outreach, and how to communicate with media

Elina Melteig
Aided us with public outreach, and how to communicate with media

Project Support

Thank you for your assistance with matters small and large, and for keeping us in motion

Steinar Mortensen
Helped us with booking flight and accomodation, as well as shipping items for sequencing

Arnab Sarkar
Created a 3-D printed prototype of our detection kit

Katrine Kjenne
Design our logo for us

Marius Øgaard
Marius and ShareLab sponsored us with tickets for the Cutting Edge festival!

Bruno A. Dzogovic
Helped is with the initial process of the Wiki

Heikki Sørum
Greatly assisted us with making 3D-structures of our enzymes, and helped develop our prototype

Nadeem Joudeh
Made the animation of our detection kit for our presentation

Presentation feedback and coaching

Thank you for your honest feedback and great advice

Åslaug Brynhildsen
Gave us practical tips on how to improve our presentation skills and body language

Anne Greulich
Provided us with feedback and advice on how to improve our presentation

Yuri van Ekelenburg
Helped improving our presentation

Thomas Trunk
Helped improving our presentation

HQ Support

Thank you for helping us reach out to the community

Abigail Sison
Was our contact person with iGEM headquarters. Abigail was always available to help us and she also kept us informed about important iGEM deadlines.

Ana Sifuentes
When we had trouble with the Wiki, Ana was there to aid us and answer our questions

Other resources

None of our team-members are particularily skilled in either programming or design. Because of this, making a wiki and graphical layout from scratch turned out to be a huge challenge for us. However, with the many free resources on the world wide web and many, many hours of work, we did it. We are proud of our results, and hope to share them with other iGEM teams. Our code is free to be copied and used for future wikis.

w3schools is a free resource for tutorials and a reference guide for web development. We wrote our wiki by ourselves, and this free resource helped us a lot

Skeleton is an open-source boilerplate written by Dave Gamache. It has helped us maintain the typography and scaling of elements on our website. With only ~400 lines of code, it's light weight makes it perfect for smaller projects like this. You can find more information at