Team:UiOslo Norway/Parts


One of the ideas behind iGEM is to create new BioBricks and to improve already existing ones. These BioBricks contribute to the constantly growing part collection of the iGEM Registry. The Registry enables and simplifies projects in synthetic biology for all participating teams. Contributing new or improved BioBricks to the iGEM Registry is a medal criterion.

This year UiOslo_Norway contributed to the Registry by submitting a new BioBrick. Furthermore, we aimed to improve some of the BioBricks previously submitted by the Peking team in 2015, namely their dCas9 parts linked to a split reporter. Unfortunately, experiments and cloning attempts in synthetic biology do not always work as planned. We were not able to successfully clone our improved DNA sequences during the time of the competition.

This is a collection of the parts we have submitted

<groupparts>iGEM18 UiOslo_Norway</groupparts>