Team:UiOslo Norway/Medal

Medal criteria

We have meticulously documented our progress - here you will find how we have fulfilled the medal criteria.

Have you read our Project Description?

denotes fulfilling a criteria

denotes otherwise


All criteria must be met

  • Registration and Giant Jamboree Attendance
    • Registration fee is paid, tickets are booked - we are ready to face Boston head on!
  • Competition Deliverables
    • Wiki - in full compliance with the wiki rules
    • Our poster will be uploaded after the Giant Jamboree!
    • Our presentation will be uploaded after the Giant Jamboree!
    • The Judging Form can be found here
  • Attributions
  • Characterization / Contribution


All Bronze criteria must be met, plus all Silver criteria below must be met

  • Validated Part / Validated Contribution
  • Collaboration
    • Our journey was not walked alone - we collaborated with several teams, read all about it on Collaborations
  • Human Practices


All Bronze and Silver criteria must be met, plus at least two (2) Gold criteria below must be met

  • Integrated Human Practices
    • Our project has been heavily influenced by our Human Practices. We interviewed several experts in the field, each of whom provided us with valuable feedback and new perspectives. We also distributed a questionnaire for new masters students. From the individual components to the overall design, we have taken an extra step to integrate the feedback. Read all about it here
  • Improve a Previous Part or Project
  • Model Your Project
  • Demonstration of Your Work