Team:UiOslo Norway/Collaborations


A silver requirement for the iGEM competition 2018 is to cooperate with other teams from around the world. During our journey in our biological adventure, we have met other teams from different parts of Europe, to seek their knowledge and not least, their friendship. We have chosen to make a timeline to show how we collaborated throughout our project time and to document our increasing knowledge and friendships along our way to the Giant Jamboree!

13th-15th of April 2018
BioBrick Tutorial in Copenhagen, Denmark

Team(s) in the collaboration: DTU-Denmark (our hosts), UCopenhagen (University of Cophenhagen, Denmark), Uppsala (Sweden), Linkoping Sweden (Sweden), Stockholm (Sweden), Lund (Sweden), Chalmers-Gothenburg (Sweden)

In April, we were invited by the Technical University of Denmark to learn more about BioBricks. During this mini conference, we learned more about how to find and use Biobricks for our project. We found out more about submission vectors and different types of assemblies. We also had a possibility to train how to pitch a project and heard a lot of useful tips from former iGEM participants. We met people from other Scandinavian teams and we shared our project ideas and challenges with them. Overall, we had an amazing time and we would like to thank again DTU Biobuilders for organizing such a meaningful tutorial.

25th-27th of May 2018
UiO team and the Tuebingen team collaboration in Oslo, Norway

Team(s) in the collaboration:Tuebingen (Germany)

In May, we hosted a collaboration event for a German team from Tübingen. This collaboration was very special to us, not only because 2 of our team members are German, but also one of them is a current student there. The Tübingen team was happy to join us in Oslo to broaden each other’s horizons in synthetic biology. Since both projects were at the very beginnings, we only prepared a trial presentation of our current and planned work. We also discussed some of our poster suggestions and we got feedback from professors and students from the University of Oslo for both the presentation and the poster. After a helpful feedback session, we organized a seminar with Eline Melteig, who taught us more about public outreach for human practises. Overall, this collaboration was a meaningful learning experience teaching us not only how to improve our projects but also how to have fun while doing it. Both teams agreed that it was a great opportunity to practice presentation skills, learn more about what an academic poster should look like and how to reach out to the public with our projects. Thank you iGEM Tübingen for joining us!

8th-10th of June 2018
Nordic iGEM Conference in Lund, Sweden

Team(s) in the collaboration:DTU-Denmark, UCopenhagen (University of Cophenhagen, Denmark), Uppsala (Sweden), Linkoping Sweden (Sweden), Stockholm Sweden (Sweden), Lund (Sweden), Chalmers-Gothenburg (Sweden), Aalto-Helsinki (Finland)

In June, we participated on the iGEM Nordic meetup. The conference was perfectly organized by team Lund and we had an opportunity to practice and learn many new skills. We had a chance to present our project in front of a larger audience and also a panel of judges, who provided us with constructive feedback. Later on, we also presented our project poster and were questioned on it both by the other teams and the judges, this enabled us to practice answering quickly unexpected questions and also helped us realise the weak points of our project. During the lecture session with the expert on team building, we learned how give each other constructive feedback and learned more about group dynamics and its progression. In our free time, we participated on scavenger hunt around the city and a gala dinner. During the gala dinner, our project was nominated for the Judges Award. Overall, this was very meaningful collaboration, where we provided and also received many useful tips on how to improve our iGEM project. Thank you iGEM Team Lund.

18th of August 2018
InterLab assistance for Tuebingen (Germany)

Team(s) in the collaboration:Tuebingen (Germany)

As a part of the bronze medal criteria, it is required to successfully complete the InterLab measurement study. After some stressful days in the lab, our team indeed completed this study, which was approved 30th of July. Since the iGEM Tübingen team had some troubles with their InterLab study, they decided to contact us. Luckily, one of our German team members was in Tübingen at that time. She met Miriam, who is in charge of the InterLab study of the iGEM Tübingen team. The team was not sure, if they had troubles with performing the transformation or if the settings of the plate reader for measuring the fluorescence were incorrect. Miriam showed her their raw fluorescence measurement data and also the petri plates from the transformation. After comparing their plates with ours, it was clear that their transformation was successful. From this it follows that their settings, probably the gain of the plate reader was wrong.