Team:WPI Worcester/Improve


On 2015 WPI iGEM Team Project: Antifreeze Proteins

The 2015 WPI iGEM Team attempted to analyze the biofilm inhibiting properties and antifreeze properties of various antifreeze proteins. The team was not able to prove that the E. coli was expressing the proteins being tests, so the results that were collected are not conclusively because of the proteins. This year, we decided to look further into the antimicrobial properties of these same antifreeze proteins. We were able to prove protein expression with a PAGE gel and use the bacteria expressing such proteins in various biofilm assays. From these assays, we could observe the effect of antifreeze proteins on the formation of biofilms.


On 2016 iGEM University of Cambridge Team Project: Gene Gun

The team has improved upon the hardware of the iGEM 2016 University of Cambridge team and developed a low-cost gene gun with improved features and testing methods. For more detailed comparison information, please see the comparison section of the hardware page.