Competition Deliverables

  • All deliverables were met.


  • You can check out what our team did and how others helped our project.


  • We successfully completed the InterLab Measurement Study.


  • We submitted BBa_K2885000, BBa_K2885001, and BBa_K2885002.
  • Validation can be found on our result page and registry.

Human Practices

  • We have investigated related issues and engaged with our relevant communities.


  • We have significantly worked with currently registered 2018 iGEM teams in a meaningful way.

Integrated Human Practices

  • We expanded on our silver medal activity by demonstrating how we have integrated the investigated issues into our project. Integrated human practices helped to improve our design and execution of the project.


  • We demonstrated that our GBP-ProG works well and can be applied to a novel platform for heart failure patients.


  • We built projects and focused on commercializing our work. Check out the entrepreneurship page.

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