Mentoring from KUAS

We had a team meet-up with the collegiate team KUAS_Korea at Korea University for mentorship and exchanging ideas. Firstly, each team briefly presented their project to the other team. KUAS_Korea’s project was about demonstrating the game theory in a biological context, using two different synthetically modified bacterial strains. After the presentation, members from each team provided advice, critiques, and recommendations for the other team so that both teams could improve their projects. Although the content was from different tracks, we were able to get practical feedback on our presentation. Some of the advice included that our project needs not focus on the commercialization of our product, which is a heart failure immunosensor, as we are a high school team. It was suggested that manifesting our passion and efforts toward achieving our experimental procedure are sufficient enough. After participating in iGEM for more than ten years, KUAS_KOREA gave our team practical advice on Giant Jamboree requirements and informed us on many previous mistakes they have witnessed over years of Giant Jamboree participation. In addition, KUAS_Korea generously gave advice on wiki development, project presentation, human practices, judging criteria, and many other aspects. Finally, we were given the opportunity to visit the lab at Korea University. This meaningful discussion and collaboration helped our team not only to improve upon specific aspects of our project but also to perform better for the Giant Jamboree.

Proof-Reading Help

We would like to thank Nottingham iGEM for their invaluable collaboration on our project. Nottingham iGEM very kindly offered their grammar checking services, as native English speakers for our wiki. We collaborated intensely over the summer months, sending our team drafts and redrafts of our wiki submissions. Their team generously supported us, editing our drafts over and over until the grammar was perfect! We could not be more grateful for Nottingham iGEM's invaluable collaboration on this project. It has been a pleasure collaborating with them and their help with our iGEM project was vital to our team's success.

Language Project

We would like to thank the iGEM Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras for providing us with an opportunity to collaborate on their project. iGEM IIT Madras has offered us with a language project, chance to translate the video from English into our native language, Korean. We have translated their video of Introduction to Synthetic Biology into Korean. Our group has translated the English script from IIT Madras into out language and put it with the original clip that had drawings of what synthetic biology is and their significance. They have generously provided us with the English script used for their video which has already been uploaded to Youtube. Through participating in this collaboration, we were able to proudly present our knowledge in our own language and to offer this amazing source of information even towards native Korean audiences. It has been a massive pleasure collaborating with them and their help has deeply lead to our team heading towards achieving a great amount of success.

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