Promoter (J23100, Anderson Strong)

Constitutive promoter family

Parts J23100 through J23119 are a family of constitutive promoter parts isolated from a small combinatorial library. J23119 is the "consensus" promoter sequence and the strongest member of the family. These promoter parts can be used to tune the expression level of constitutively expressed parts.

RBS (B0034, Ribosome Binding Site)

RBS based on Elowitz repressilator.

Designed by: Vinay S Mahajan, Voichita D. Marinescu, Brian Chow, Alexander D Wissner-Gross and Peter Carr IAP, 2003.

Terminator (B0010)

Transcriptional terminator consisting of a 64 bp stem-loop.

Designed by: Randy Rettberg

Terminator (B0012)

Transcription terminator for the E. coli RNA polymerase.

Designed by: Reshma Shetty

GBP (K2885001, Gold-Binding Polypeptide)

This part encodes gold binding polypeptide (GBP). It is consisted of triplication of 14 amino acids (MHGKTQATSGTIOS).

ProG (K2885000, Protein G)

This part encodes protein G (ProG). The DNA sequences encoding ProG were derived from the genomic DNA of Staphylococcus aureus G418.

GBP-ProG (K2885002, Gold Binding Protein, Protein G Fusion Protein)

This part encodes GBP-ProG fusion protein. The parts were constructed from Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT).

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