Electrochemical Microfluidic Sensors

Electrochemical biosensors, due to their high sensitivity and accuracy, low cost, inherent simplicity, and miniaturization, have recently increasing interest and have been widely applied in various fields. But it is still a challenge to find new approaches for improving the simplicity and sensitivity of electrochemical immunoassays.

In this study, a highly sensitive cyclic olefin copolymer (COC)-based electrochemical microfluidic device was developed for immunoassays by novel fabrication methods. Rapid and self-oriented immobilization methods of antibodies on gold surfaces were developed using the novel GBP-ProG cross-linkers obtained by a genetic modification procedure. Accordingly, these novel approaches can contribute to easy fabrication and substantial enhancement of sensitivity of the electrochemical microfluidic device.

Application to Other Fields

The genetically engineered GBP-ProG fusion protein enables a simple and rapid self-oriented immobilization of antibody on the gold surface and can be effectively used for biosensing tools. Our device has potential uses in various areas, such as medical diagnosis, food safety, and environmental monitoring. Furthermore, a simple and effective sample pre-treatment method needs to be developed and linked to this kind of immunosensor for successful point-of-care testing.

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