We’d like to thank all who have helped us over the year, without whose input we wouldn’t have been able to get this far. We would also like to thank all corporations that helped realize this project by providing materials. These contributions all helped us achieve this much.

At the last year’s Giant Jamboree, Yeonjae, the team captain, was fascinated by various diagnostic devices developed by iGEM teams. She became interested in practical science using genetic engineering and wanted to do a project on the development of a diagnostic kit to solve public health issues. Luckily, she came across a professor working on the project in her interest and asked his team members for overall leading and supervising of our project. We were able to thankfully work with them and decide on a specific idea and target disease through meetings. Our team would like to show huge gratitude toward them, without whom we couldn’t have come this far.

The following is a list of people who helped us along the project in different areas:

Dr. Sungho Ko, primary PI, has been with our team since January. He was essential in helping us assess the viability of our initial ideas and later tailoring our final one that became our project. He played a critical role in advancing the project, allowing us to use his lab and without him, this project would have been impossible.

Kyongho Cho, secondary PI, provided us with the direction of human practice and collaboration. He had the back of the team, always giving us immense support and encouragement. Thanks to him, we were able to find appropriate resources and places to advance our project.

Sung-Woo Cho, Instructor, has been essential to the success of our team in the lab. He has been our first and last line for help troubleshooting our wet lab problems. He guided us through the experimental techniques and safety within the lab. He also helped the team learn how to use the fluorescence microscope and plate reader.

Han-Yeol Yang, Instructor, kindly helped with making the interdigitated array (IDA) gold electrode. He advised us on ways to improve our project and continued to give us advice by looking at our project from different angles. He also assisted us in interpreting the results of the experiments.

Anshul Sharma, Advisor, proof-read our contents, making sure we clearly showed our progress and activities. Reminding us of the little things, he enabled us to get everything done on time.

External Help

IDT, synthesized the GBP-ProG gene

BIOFACT, sequenced the cloned vector

Young-Yoo Kim, Chief dietician at Department of Food Service, assisted us greatly in arranging all the human practices at Mapo Welfare Center.

Youn Jin Kim, Professor at Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine at College of Medicine Ewha Womans University, helped us with arranging the interviews with doctors

Younhun Yoon, MD, Severance Hospital Internal Medicine Department, assisted us with interviewing a heart failure patient.

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