Team:CCU Taiwan/Attributions



Wet Lab

  1. Chia-Mei Young is one of our leaders, and she is a member of poster team. In wet lab, she is in charge of getting the medicines supplies and supplements in time.

  2. Yu-Cheng Tang is responsible for the overall gene design and subsequent experimental adjustments. He is the leader of P. pastoris transformation team.

  3. Yu-Hung Cheng is a member of P. pastoris transformation team, responsible for subsequent experiments on protein extraction and adjustment.

  4. Yu-Hsin Tang is the leader of the His4 strain group, performing auto selection, responsible for the whole group's scheduling and experimental setup, and is the intermediary between the His4 strain group and the instructor.

  5. Chin-Hsuan Liao operates the His4 strain experiment, her jobs include the subsequent yeast transformation and measurement of western blot.

  6. Ching-Wei Chen operates the experiments of P. pastoris transformation and PCR experiments on the His4 strain. Since he has a wealth of experience on experimentation, he supported operating specific equipment.

  7. Zon-En Yang designed the modeling for our team and integrated the overall information of Wet Lab.

Dry Lab

  1. Ho- Chun Ku is one of our team leaders. He controlled the schedule, integrated information of Dry Lab and designed the wiki art. He also supported the chemical experiment.

  2. Yu-Chen Hsieh operated and designed the chemical experiments, in addition, he borrowed testing equipment for us.

  3. Ruei-An Lin designed and compiled the wiki, he also designed the production line for our project.

  4. Sheng-Ju Lai assisted Dry Lab by collecting data and papers, and operated the chemical experiment.

  5. Wei-Min Hsu designed and simulated the modeling.

Human Practice

  1. Ciao Hsiao is one of the leaders of the CCU Taiwan iGEM team, his main business was acting as bridge between PI and students, making the team operate smoothly and clearly.

  2. Yuan-Chi Tung wrote the proposal, booked air tickets and made the SWOT analysis, she contacted other teams for us.

  3. Kuan-Lu Yeh contacted experts and entrepreneurs, making our project more complete. She also hosted our synthetic biology lessons during summer vacation and built the business model of Ligggreen.

  4. Yi- Yao Wu helped with our costs, she was the main speaker at the fundraising session, she also built the STP analysis.


Primary PI

  1. Professor Cheng-I Lee: Main instructor, plan and implementation support, technical resources and fundraising advices, administrative mediator.

Secondary PI

  1. Professor Yuan-Yao Li: Instructor on chemical property measurement, plan and implementation support.

  2. Professor Wen-Chien Lee: Gave advice on conception of project.

  3. Professor Wing-Yan Michael Chan: Gave advice on experimental techniques, plan and implementation support.


  1. Professor Victoria Rau: English instructor, including presentation, poster, wiki.

  2. Professor Gerry Rau: English instructor, including presentation, poster, wiki.


We wish to thank the following individuals, without whose help success would have been impossible.

  1. Professor Kuang-Tse Huang: Gave us advice about yeast fermentation tank application.

  2. Professor Hau-Ren Chen: Helping us construct the whole experimental structure and provided assistance with the yeast experiment.

  3. Cheng-Yi Lee: Assisted us with protein purification and the western blot experiment.

  4. Professor Chu Yen-Ho: Discussed chemical synthesis process with us. He guided us to use an inexpensive synthesis method and materials.

  5. Professor Eileen Chih-Ying Yang: Discussed production line design with us. She guided us how to build a simple but successful production line.

  6. Professor Tzyy-Schiuan Yang: Helped us think back over our project, and made suggestions about what kind of experimental instruments we should use.

  7. Professor Eugene C. Lin: Discussed molecular bonding with us, he also gave us advice about molecular simulation calculation and helped us to operate the NMR testing equipment.

  8. Professor Wei-Ping Hu: Taught us how to simulate molecular thermodynamics properties.

  9. LProfessor ai-Kwan Chau: Helped us to use the NMR and UV/Vis testing equipment.

  10. Professor Bing-Mu Hsu: Discussed the probability of biological decomposition and recycling of our product with us.

  11. Professor Chia-Wen Hsu: Helped us build our business model.

  12. Professor H.-J. Chung: Helped us build our business model.

  13. Professor Kong-Fah Cheng: Helped us build our STP model.

  14. Professor Bella Ya-Hui Lien: Helped us revise our survey.

  15. Ph.D. student Hung-Chun Tai: Gave us suggestions about product upgrading.

  16. CCU Taiwan iGEM team 1.0: Took time to teach us about synthetic biology. Without them, we could not have had such a solid foundation. We learned a lot from them.

Helping Hands


National Chung-Hsing University

  1. Professor Yuan-Shing Perng: Provided us information about paper recycling.

  2. Professor Wen-Jau Lee: Provided information about lignin color and phenolic resin synthesis.

National Taiwan University

  1. C.T. Huang: Told us much about yeast engineering.

  2. Professor K.S. Tung: Suggested using yeast to produce our enzymes.

Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

  1. Dr. Hsieh, an expert in lignin research: Thanks to Dr. Hsieh, we knew more about lignin structure, he also introduced other members of ITRI.

  2. Dr. Chang, an expert in PHA research region: Helped us think more about our project, and suggested new aspects of that our project we could develop in the future.

National Chung-Cheng University

  1. Thanks to National Chung Cheng University Administration including the president, vice-president, deans and vice-deans of the colleges of science, engineering, management and media, etc. Without their help, we could not make our fundraising session so successful.

  2. Thanks to Departments of Biomedical Sciences, Physics, the Office of International Affairs and the Education Development Center, etc. we had enough money to operate our team and complete our project.