Team:CCU Taiwan/engaging experts


Gene Design

National Taiwan University

Professor K.S. Tung

Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology
National Taiwan University

  Professor K.S. Tung provided us constitutive type of promoter (ADH1 promoter), and auxotrophic marker (LEU2, URA3, TRP1).

Professor C.T. Huang

Department of Biochemical Science and Technology
National Taiwan University

  Professor C.T. Huang suggested using constitutive promoter without inducing by methanol. That is GAP promoter which is commonly used in P. pastoris. He also recommended that we could choose commercial pGAPZ A vector from Invitrogen.

Material Properties

ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute)

  ITRI is a nonprofit R&D organization engaging in applied research and technical services. Founded in 1973, ITRI has played a vital role in transforming Taiwan's economy from a labor-intensive industry to a high-tech industry.

Dr. Cheng-Han Hsieh

(The fourth on the left, Dr. Hsieh)

Research Fellow - Lignin Analytics

  Dr. Cheng-Han Hsieh recommended that we have to control the LIGGREEN in micromolecular to make it have the melting point. He also gave us some directions for decomposing lignin-like material. The Bacillus subtilis may be our good choice.

Dr. Shu-Chuan Huang

(The fourth on the left, Dr. Huang)

Research Fellow – Material and Chemical Research

  Dr. Shu-Chuan Huang recommended that we should refer to the ISO 9000, ASTM D6400, and so on. Then, she recommended that we should cut the material into small pieces, carry out industrial composting, and detect the decomposition ratio.

National Chung Hsing University

Prof. Yuan-Shing Perng

Department of Forestry
National Chung Hsing University

  Prof. Yuan-Shing Perng helped us test whether the paper laminated with LIGGREEN can be separated into paper pulping and LIGGREEN. In the interview with professor Perng, he confirmed that a small amount of lignin mixed into the ordinary pulp will not affect the paper remaking process, maybe LIGGREEN can be separated, too. He taught us to operate the pulper, after 200 seconds of pulping and beating, LIGGREEN and the paper were indeed separated. This proved that LIGGREEN would not harm in the pulp recycling system.

Prof. Wen-Jau Lee

Department of Forestry
National Chung Hsing University

  Prof. Wen-Jau Lee told us that in the reaction forming LIGGREEN from monolignols bonding to oligomers, there are some bonding nodes would act. He suggested that the oligomers we produced were preferably two-dimensional chain systems, not three-dimensional, to have thermoplastic properties.

Recycling System

Recycling Fund Management Board

More Wu

Deputy executive secretary of Recycling Fund Management Board

  More Wu recommended that our products may need to consider the shelf life, because some paper containers such as milk carton are packaging beverage for a long time and the lining of them cannot be leach. And he mentioned that the government used the method of Administrative guidance and Subsidy incentive to try to improve the recovery yield.
However, some misunderstandings in the process led to false positives in the news, causing the public to throw paper containers into general garbage disposal.

Production Line

Bobsen Paper Corporation

  Bobsen Paper Corporation is responsible for producing coated paper and assisting downstream manufacturers in creating creases on paper. After our fundraising session, Bobsen agreed with us to arrange a corporate visit. Let us visit the factory and equipment of the paper laminating and answer our doubts about the production line.

Recycling Program

Prof. Ping-Mu Shu

Department of Earth and Environmental Science
National Chung Cheng University

  Prof. Ping-Mu Shu told us the truth of recycling in Taiwan, he also told us our product would not influence the paper recycled system because the amount of our LIGGREEN is very low and we do not need to set a recycled spot of LIGGREEN cups.

Manufacturers & Factories


  Liantai is the only manufacturer with the support from government and controlling the technology to recycle the paper containers and separated paper from the polyethylene lynin.

  The recycling volume of paper containers last year are 25,000 tons, which meant that only 15% of the paper containers had been recycled.

Q:  Professor Peng had said that the general paper industries could also separate paper from plastic. We wonder to know that why only your manufacture uses the separated technology but not afraid of others replace you?

A:  The general manufacturer does not want to do it at all, it will only increase the cost. The main reason is that the process of separating paper form plastics is complicated, all the entry would be supervised by government, and the obstacle is great. The only advantage is that you can get the money from the government (or from the paper manufacturer).

  Views on disposable paper cups form Lian-Tai: I think the current propaganda is not to use disposable products, but there will be one-time products, but also because of his health problems, and now he has come back again, contradicting the original intention. Like a fast food restaurant, if it is not used after repeated use, it will cause health problems. In addition, if every fast-food restaurant has to add a sink or a regional cleaning thing, it will also increase the cost. If you give it to a big factory to wash it, it will definitely save more money than you need to clean it.

  In fact, in terms of the types of recycling, while increasing the recycling category of paper containers, there have been many difficulties and the number of procedures has increased. Although the government's decision support has indeed increased the amount of recycling, it has not been reviewed from the entire process of recycling, but it has increased the complexity.

Chung Hwa Pulp Corporation

  Chung Hwa Pulp Corporation provided us simple paper pulping and making process, they also answered the raw materials of paper.


Yong-Zhong Chen


  Yong-Zhong Chen made us think about how to conduct market analysis to better develop LIGGREEN. He also reminded us to investigate the status of similar industries in the existing market, in order to better construct the business model and strengthen the link between LOGGREEN and society.