Team:CCU Taiwan/Engineering


  When we come to production line, the most important things is that our product need to meet those modern lamination industries' needs. We designed the entire production line, and separate it into five major parts.


Figure1: Sketch of our designed production line.

Production Process : Fermenting→ Filtering→ Reacting→ Extraction→ Particle Manufacturing


1. Fermentation tank:
TFY-MS automatic mechanical stirring fermentation tank 50L
Working capacity: 65~75%
Product features: The fermentation tank adopts a mechanical stirring system, the stirrer speed can be adjusted continuously. The fermentation temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen and other parameters are automatically controlled, automatically recorded, stored, printed, and suitable for small test and pilot test of fermentation products.

Figure2: 3D model of the fermentation tank.

2. Filtration device:
Use membrane filtration to prevent yeast from leaving the system.

Figure3: 3D model of the filtration device.

3. Reaction tank
Reacted the enzyme with the monolignol, and added other essential material (buffer and H2O2). The capabilities are acid and alkali control, stirring, temperature control and pressure control.
Type: T.T-M.I-2000
Full capacity: 2000 L
Output: 15-50 kg / Hr

Figure4: 3D model of the reaction tank.

4. Low temperature concentration separation extraction system:
The device was filtered by membrane and separated by different molecular weight to separate different substances. Using this equipment, LIGGREEN would be extracted and purified.
Microfiltration membrane: MF Membrane 0.1~0.3um
Membrane area: 5m2
Diluted liquid volume: approximately 100 L / Hr
Temperature: up to 50° C

Figure5: 3D model of the low temperature concentration separation extraction system.

5. Extrusion granulation (Twin screw)
After heated material to the melting point, it was pumped (Liquid flowed out a tube and cut when it was cooled by air) to form particles, which made LIGREEN into a smaller particulates.
Type: TS 30
Output: 15-50 kg / Hr
Extruder: 7.5-18 kW

Figure6: 3D model of the Extrusion granulation, and we would get production at last.

Design diagram

Follow figures were complete design diagram of our production line

Figure7: Design of our entire production line.