Team:CCU Taiwan/Human Practices


  In Human Practice, our goal is to make a real difference for the society through our product. However, by sincere interactions with experts, corporations, general public and governments, we enriched our product to a new level with values of devoting more to the society. Aside from our product, we inspect social problems nowadays, propose policies to the authorities, and are willing to bring the world to a new generation.

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Public Engagement

A good application springs from social demand. We conducted a questionnaire to understood the needs of the general public and understand what problems the current society faces. On the other hand, to promote synthetic biology, inspire students and help them understand what iGEM is, we held a synthetic biology lesson during summer vacation.

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The most important thing in the corporation is to have the core value, know the position in the market, and how can you contribute to the society when act as a social enterprise. We had built business model, made analysis, calculated costs, asking general publics about our product, and giving feedbacks to them.

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Engaging Experts

There are a lot of related experts in different field that gave us a lot of support. From gene design, material properties, paper cup production line, recycling program and entrepreneurship.

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Intergrated HP

In order solve the problem and to make a difference to the society by paper cups. We investigated any related corporations, including paper manufactures, lining corporations and paper cup process in the recycling system etc. Wish could do the best to contribute back to the society by their suggestions.

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Besides good teamwork, if we did not have a many powerful helping hands to supply or collaborate with us, we would not achieve our goals.