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   “LIGGREEN” is composed of monolignols. We have produced three enzymes to catalyze the polymerization. Laccase 1 from Pinus taeda can catalyze the dehydrogenation of monolignols , which leads to free radical addition of dehydrogenated monolignols. However, after the monolignols become dimers or oligomers, it will be hard for them to bind onto the active site of laccase 1 and stop the dehydrogenation reaction of monolignols. In this case, we choose the others enzymes-peroxidase 16 and peroxidase 18. Those are isoenzymes from Picea abies, have the ability to bind onto oligomers and directly catalyze polymerization.

  All the enzymes above can function in the same pH value and buffer, which is critical to our design for co-reaction in production line.

Basic Parts

Part Name Part type Description Lenght
BBa_K2809001 Ribosome binding site Kozak sequence (Pichia pastoris) 7
BBa_K2809002 Tag Prepro-alpha-factor (codon modified for Pichia pastoris) 267
BBa_K2809010 Protein_Domain Mature Lac 1(laccase) 1719
BBa_K2809020 Protein_Domain Mature Px18(peroxidase) 954
BBa_K2809030 Protein_Domain Mature Px16(peroxidase) 972

Composite Parts

Part Name Part type Description Lenght
BBa_K2809011 Composite Laccase 1 1993
BBa_K2809021 Peroxidase 18 1228
BBa_K2809031 Peroxidase 16 1246