Team:CCU Taiwan/Medal


Bronze Medal Achievements

Registration and Giant Jamboree Attendence

We had registered CCU Taiwan for iGEM, and had the summer as our great iGEM season.

Competition Deliverables

We had completed all the competition deliverables.


We had written the Team Members and Attributions in our wiki page.


Characterization / Contribution

We had completed all experiments of InterLab.


Silver Medal Achievements

Validated Part /Validated Contribution

We had allowed the rule to submit our biobricks.


We had collaborated with other registered iGEM teams, see more details in Collaborations.


Human Practice

The action we took in Human Practice were making our project go well.
Found more detail in Human Practice.

»Human Practice

Gold Medal Achievements

Integrated Human Practice

We had contacted with experts and gained lots of advices about improving our production line,
we also visited politician to issue about environmental protect.
And the details are in the Integrated Human Pratice.


Model Your Project

We had designed some Models to make our project progress more smoothly.


Demonstration of Your Work

Our production can demonstrate in standard solution.