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Like its name, GreatBay_China 2018 consists of a great variety of members: 13 students from 7 different high schools, 1 instructor, 5 advisors and 2 PIs. The team is a treasury of talented and lovely people. We have bright brains with innovative ideas. We are lucky to invite competent and outstanding seniors and experts who support and guide us in the light of discovery. We are a bunch of enthusiastic people who stay up late doing labs. Meet them here!
Some of us have a few words to say after the wonderful iGEM 2018 journey! You can read them at the bottom of the page.

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Some words

My awesome teammates! I love you all! Thank you for making this year so meaningful. It has been an honour.

Eden: I got nothing to say. It's crazy indeed. It's also legendary. I would like to thank all my teammates, teachers, instructors, friends, people who have gave me courage to overcome depression, and most importantly my parents. Without you, all of you, I couldn't have attained all these fantastic achievements today.

Lucinda: iGEM forces me to tackle challenges, communicate with my friends and families, and deal with mental workload by focusing on one thing at a time with a reasonable schedule. It was hard, but with passion and collaboration we persisted. Thank you to y'all!

Charles: iGEM fascinates me in not just academic challenges, but the journey pushes me out of my comfort zone and enables me to learn new skills boldly. But the most precious treasure of iGEM is its people, every iGEMer. Million thanks to my teammates, advisors, and friends who have given me best support. Without these support I could not achieve so much potentials. Special thanks to my parents, who encouraged me and respect my every decisions.

Wade: A special thank to all of our parents
At the end of our journey, we would like to offer our deepest thank to our parents, who had supported us unconditionally since the very beginning of the project.

Sean: Say no more.