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Parts Overview

with 19 composite parts, and 36 basic parts. Don't think we win at quantity but we actually provided a series of data with high-quality. In the production of geraniol in E.coli, our favourite basic part is BBa_K2753003, pSB1C3-obGES cds. We have also created and synthesized competent pathways in yeast to convert geraniol to neptalactol. Besides, based on previous part like BBa_J23119, we generated a stabilised version by adding an up-element, a transcription-activator-like effector(TALE) binding site, and a genetic circuit encoding for TALE2. In addition, We created a novel, well-characterized, and well-documented TALE stabilized promoter (TALEsp) collection as well as two parts enabling future teams to create more stabilized promoters. This promoter library provides a reliable tool which allows teams to construct predictable and robust synthetic systems. Check the GreatBay_China's parts family!

Part Table

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