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GreatBay_China is actively invovled in many collaborations with local and international teams. Under this positive give-and-take atmosphere, we established good friendships with many teams and benefited mutually from the process.

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RDFZ and GreatBay discussed and collaborated in modelling and adding parts.

To be specific, Zeyu Tang from RDFZ gave them one document about previous work he has done on the fermentor model, which contains deterministic ODEs for predicting the productivity of engineered bacteria in the fermentor. In addition, Zeyu wrote another document which illustrates the deduction of Hill equation, helping them create their model simulation.

Knowing GreatBay was constructing a constitutive expressing GFP into the bacterial genome, RDFZ enquired for it and used it as a capacity monitor for characterizing the expression burden. Greatbay kindly gave it to RDFZ as a gift.


SZU and GreatBay collaborated in a meetup and SZU offered help for our interlab.

On May 6th we attended 2018 iGEM Southern China Regional Meeting hosted by SZU and obtained valuable feedback on Human Practice. SZU kindly let us use their lab and Plate Reader for Interlab study.


Mostly, we helped SIAT-SCIE in interlab study.

GreatBay_China and SIAT-SCIE interacted closely throughout iGEM 2018. We peer viewed each other’s safety form and gave feedback. GreatBay_China helped SIAT-SCIE to trouble-shoting of Interlab study and provided SIAT-SCIE with the silica beads for re-performing Interlab study. Alexis Zeng and Diol Wang gave SIAT-SCIE suggestion on part design and primer designs.


GreatBay_China and SFLS_Shenzhen hosted the Shenzhen Highschool Meetup together.

Host: Greatbay_China
Hosted the meet up in Bluepha Lab, also advertized for the meet up, invited Yiming Dong (advisor of GreatBay_China) and Dr. Jin Yin to provide feedback on projects and presentations, and bought refreshments.

Co-host: SFLS_Shenzhen
Came up with the meetup idea, created a WeChat group for teams participating the meet up, advertized for the meet up, and negotiated when to have the meet up.


Thomas Jordan from EPFL visited our lab in Shenzhen, and offered us numerous useful advice on how to locate/identify the missing enzyme which convert nepetalactol to nepetalactone. He also helped us find the protocol to convert nepetalactol to nepetalactone chemically.


On Jun 24th, the deadline of signing up for Interlab, we noticed that SMS_Shenzhen had not signed up, and kindly reminded them of the deadline. Besides, we offered SMS_Shenzhen DH5a competent cell and chloramphenicol, since they didn’t have enough for their experiment.


SUSTech provided us with sheath fluid for our flow cytometry tests in the characterization of TALEsp, promoter library and even co-culture. Their help arrived when we were neither unable to produce the fluid nor having time to buy the fluid from market.