The LZU-CHINA iGEM 2018 team consists of a group of different colleges, including Medicine, Biology and Information Science. The brainstorming started from the end of 2017. Interestingly, the design inspiration popped into team leader’s mind like a flash after he hit his head on the wall in his dormitory occasionally. On this page, you can find out about everyone who has contributed to the project.
We would like to thank all the PI who has helped us for their insight and helpful feedback provided at Conference discussions.
We would like to thank all our advisors and instructors who have assisted us throughout the project, and without whom the project would not have been possible.
We would like to thank all our collaborators who spark inspirations with us.
Thanks to all the team members devoted themselves.
All of these contributions have helped us enormously.

Member attribution

(Anecdote: the design inspiration popped into Yigan Zhang’s mind like a flash after he hit his head on the wall in his dormitory occasionally)
Team leader Yigan Zhang --- project construction design
Member Yigan Zhang, Xin Nie, Shuangshuang Pu --- accomplish the experiments(from February 2018 to October 2018)
Member Shuangshuang Pu, Xin Nie , Yutong Ruan --- presentation
Member Huaze Xi , Xin Nie --- graphic designer (logo, poster, banner and some other materials )
Member Jingrong Liu --- communicate with other iGEM teams, show our project and obtain feedback at the same time
Member XinNie, Junyi Mei, Shuangshuang Pu --- wiki design
Member Xiaolan Huang, Xin Nie --- model design
Member Xiao Yang, Xin Nie --- video design
Member Shuangshuang Pu --- Riding from Lanzhou to Dunhuang
Member Xiao Yang, Yijie Guo, Ruoyi Zhang, Jingrong Liu --- questionnaire design
Member Yingzi Wang, Jingrong Liu, Xiao Yang, Yuxin Ji, Ruoyi Zhang--- HP in Wuwei hospital
Member Jingrong Liu --- HP in National Heavy Ion Cancer Therapy Center
Member Yingzi Wang, Xiao Yang --- HP in the First Clinical Medical Hospital of Lanzhou University
Member Yupei Li, Guili Li, Ting Yu --- team cloth and souvenir

General Support

We wish to extend our deepest appreciation to the Lanzhou University, The First Clinical Medical College and School of Life Science for the great support and help in this project

Laboratory support

Our lab is provided by Pro. Xiangkai Li, and our cell experiments are finished in Joint Laboratory of Advanced Applied Technology of Water Treatment (Gansu Academy of Membrane Science and Technology & Lanzhou University)

Project support and advice

Pro. Weilin Jing, a Ph.D. of neurobiology and an associate researcher of Shanghai Jiao Tong university. He suggested us looking through exosome-boost related research paper to find out the way to improve the yield of the exosome. And also, he helped us construct exosome-booster plasmid design, besides, our cell technology is learnt from Pro. Weilin Jing.
Doctor Wenzheng Yuan, a experienced doctor of surgery, associate chief physician of tumor surgery Doctor of surgery, a associate chief physician of tumor surgery, associate director of clinical nutrition department. Helped us have a deeper understanding of gastric cancer in ours seminar.
Lecturer Zhenmin Ling, a lecturer of LanZhou University and his research work is major on Environmental Microbiology, Enzyme Engineering and Fermentation. He gave us a further understanding of synthetic biology, which sparked the inspiration of improving the previous hypoxic inducible promoter.
Thanks to Gansu University of Chinese Medicine. They offered MKN45 poorly differentiated gastric cancer cell and SGC7901 Low differentiated gastric cancer cell to us, which helped us enormously.
CCiC Ambassador Haotian Guo, he gave us tips on how to solve ours consideration about cell’s target problems and how can we precisely control the functional miRNA’s expression in a complicated individual environment

Difficult technique support

Pro. Weilin Jing, a Ph.D. of neurobiology and an associate researcher of Shanghai Jiao Tong university. our cell culture technique is learnt from him.
Senior Experimentalist Fang Wang, associate director of the Experimental Center of the medical school. Doctor of molecular biology, Lanzhou University. Postdoctoral fellow in cell biology, Johns Hopkins. She gave us a lot suggestions and instructions in our exosome extraction experiment and exosome uptake observation experiment. Thanks to her help, we succeed verifying the function of our exosome-booster biobrick.
Instructor Tuoyu Zhou, Zhanwu Zhu, Xiaojun Liu, Shuai Zhao, Yaxin Pei, Offering experiment instructions patiently when we were stuck in the verification tests.

Human Practices support

Doctor Peng Lie, director of Gastric Surgery department in Wuwei Tumor Hospital. He allowed us to have a internship in Wuwei Tumor Hospital for one week, and completed our knowledge absence of the characteristics of gastric cancer in Wuwei city. With him help, we succeed in popularize gastric-related knowledge to public.

Model support

Thanks to XJTLU iGEM team helped us perfect our model. Without their help, we can not finish our model timely.

Presentation coaching

Thanks to Amon, a Ph.D. in Pro. Xiangkai Li’s laboratory from Pakistan, with him help , three of us including Xin Nie, Shuangshuang Pu and Yutong Ruan improved a lot in ours public presentation.


We invited Yamazaki, a professor from Hokkaido University, used to be one of judges in the iGEM, came to Lanzhou University to give our team a synthetic biology course from 8th Aug to 14th Aug, also, we showed our project to professor in ours seminar, then, he put forward some improvements in our project and some matters needed attention in our presentation.