Team Members

many hands make light work

This is a list of people, who helped us along the development of our project, according to the spheres of their expertise:


Xiangkai Li

Professor Li Xiangkai is Ph.Ds’ supervisor in the school of Life Science at Lanzhou University. His researches mainly focus on environmental microbiology in the Research Institute of Microbiology. Professor Li has provided us with the laboratory, full support and supervision on our project, especially for the direction associated with the microcosmic experiment. He is also a member of our consultant team.

Wenzheng Yuan

He is experienced doctor of surgery, associate chief physician of tumor surgery Doctor of surgery, associate chief physician of tumor surgery, associate director of clinical nutrition department. He always pay attention to the development of gastric cancer treatment. As our instructor, he is very proud for our hard work, and expects us to get the best honor in Boston.

Fang Wang

She is an associate director of the Experimental Center of the medical school. She mainly studies how to treat liver cancer and its pathogenesis. Recently, her research was published in the journal of hepatology.

Weilin Jing

He is a Ph.D. of neurobiology and an associate researcher of Shanghai Jiao Tong university. He has long been interested in molecular signals for central nervous development and regeneration and molecular interventions for brain tumors. Relevant research results have been sorted out and published in the international important professional journals such as Cell, Cell Death and Differention, Nature communications, Mol Cell Neurosci, Anesthesiology, J Comp Neurol, Cell Mol Neurobiol, Neurosignals and Neurosci Lett. Currently, he is a member of the Chinese society of neuroscience and a member of the nano-oncology committee of the Chinese association against cancer.

Zhenmin Ling

I am a lecturer of LanZhou University and my research work is major on Environmental Microbiology, Enzyme Engineering and Fermentation. I sincerely hope that our team can achieve good results.


Tuoyu Zhou

Fate brings enlightenment, science makes light.
I am a master student of microbiology in Lanzhou university and I have a great interest in synthetic biology. I possess a strong belief that science can make the world more better. I sincerely hope that 2018 LZU-iGEM can obtain impressive results, contributing to scientific communication without borders.

Jiajia Shi

I am a counsellor of grade 2016 in the First Clinical Medical College. With the freshness of youth, our new-born energy, impelled by our iGENer’s virgin curiosity, struck out new paths in every direction.

Zhanwu Zhu

I am a master student of LanZhou University and my research work is major on cell biology and transcriptional regulation. I am a focused, serious boy, and I like to talk with others about everything. I sincerely hope that our team can achieve good results.

Xiaojun Liu

He is a medical doctor, associate chief physician and lecturer.He is engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of oncology diseases. He is specilizing at the chemotherapy, molecular targeted therapy and palliative treatment of gastrointestinal tumors.He appreciated our work and thought it was of great significance for the treatment of gastric cancer, and hoped that we could do well in the competition.


Shuai Zhao

He is a P.hD student of Lanzhou University and his research work is major on pollutants degradation and treatment of wastewater. he is outgoing and like to joke with around person.His hobby is playing basketball and make friends.

Yaxin Pei

She is a P.hD student majoring in environmental microbiology. She like her major and would like to spare no effort to do the project which she is in charge of. Her hobby is reading, listening to music, doing yoga. If you meet her at first time, you may think she is silent. But once you get to know her, you’ll find she is an ambitious person and like to joke around with people.


Yigan Zhang

A psychopath has a wide mind. A Ridiculous person is happier. He is Yigan Zhang, captain of our team. His English is poor, but Japanese is ok. He devoted his whole heart in science research.

Xin Nie

I am Xin, major in clinical medicine. Ideas burst out in my mind and I can't stop it. I explore because of my curiosity. I'd like to call myself a Prophet, i know that sounds like a fairy tale, but my predictions sometimes truly come true. Ha! Amazing world~

Shuangshuang Pu

A junor in Lanzhou University, shift my major from Pharmacy to Clinical Medicine due to great passion for it. Love riding, hiking, swimming, skiing and all ball games.On the way to be a dedicated person.

Huaze Xi

I am a outgoing boy from Lanzhou University Clinical Medical. But my major named Medical Imaging,one of unpopular majors.Well, the less people to do this, the better I will do.
I love playing piano, badminton and drawing... Here is my motto:Observation is the best teacher.

Jingrong Liu

A sophomore who can't speak English and can't find a girlfriend.

Yutong Ruan

I'm Catherine Ruan from LZU. At present,I major in the Economics but love Biology very much.

Yingzi Wang

Major: Clinical Medicine
A student in No.1 Medical College of Lanzhou University.
A lover of tea, drawing and 4chan.
Always searching sometimes hunting but never resting
Awaiting to be your friend.

Guili Li

Guili Li, 21 years old, from the School of Life Science, Lanzhou University, a girl who loves smiling and sports. I won the first prize of the senior class in the Biology Experimental Skills Competition of Lanzhou University in 2017, one of the two who won the first prize. Thinking and doing are always here. In the summer vacation of 2017, I participated in the field practice organized by the college, and then followed the team of the college to conduct the vegetation survey in the field. From then on, I have a deeper understanding of nature. loving and fearing nature more.

Yijie Guo

Guo Yijie is a sophomore majoring in chemistry. This year, she helped develop the outreach work of the team and was responsible for integrating human practice. From high school, she was very interested in the field of cancer treatment. In her spare time, she likes reading, chorus, playing the violin and playing the guitar.

Xiaolan Huang

I’m huangxiaolan,I am 21 years old.

Xiao Yang

I love science, love exploration, love thinking, love communication; joining iGEM and making an exciting attempt, I found my goal, found like-minded teammates, and learned a lot of useful skills.

Ting Yu

My name is Ting Yu from ShanDong province.I am a Sophomore and major in civil engineering.It's my honor to have this opportunity to join this team and I mainly participated in several experiments in the laboratory.

Yufan Li

As a biology student in the group, Li adds speciality to the iGEM team. She has a strong desire for knowledge and powerful learning ability, for the relevant professional knowledge can better complete the study. She is willing to accept challenges, and can undertake the task of opening up new areas.She also has good communication skills and teamwork ability, can actively complete the task of the team. Besides, she has strong athletic ability and is good at many kinds of sports.

Ruoyi Zhang

Zhang is a biology student and a not so good rapper.

Yuxin Ji

Yuxin Ji, majoring in life sciences in lanzhou university, have a one year study about the comparison of Legume root respiration in Lanzhou University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program and got 'outstanding achievement award' of the program.

Yupei Li

Yupei Li, is a girl of 19 years old.Her motto is ‘Staying at home for a long time is naturally cute.Flying silly pig could evolve quickly.’

Junyi Mei

A sophomore of Information Science and Engineering Department; a rookie in wiki editing; a noob in the field of IT now, but not forever!