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Part Collection


Part Collection

Our Best Composite Part:BBa_K2557010

TetO-miniCMV promoter-Bxb1(BBa_K2557010) is composed of TetO(BBa_K2557038), miniCMV promoter(BBa_K2557032) and Bxb1 recombinase(BBa_K2557001). It is regulated by TetR and can express Bxb1 recombinase to open the expression of RFP. Bxb1 attB-RFP-Bxb1 attP(BBa_K2557002) consist of Bxb1 attB(BBa_K2557041), tagRFP(BBa_K2557035) and Bxb1 attP(BBa_K2557042), functioning as reporting part. miniCMV promoter-Bxb1-RDF(BBa_K2557019) is composed of miniCMV promoter(BBa_K2557032) and Bxb1-RDF(BBa_K2557047), which expresses Bxb1-RDF fusion protein to block the expression of RFP. TetO-miniCMV promoter-Bxb1(BBa_K2557010), miniCMV promoter-Bxb1-RDF(BBa_K2557019) and Bxb1 attB-RFP-Bxb1 attP(BBa_K2557002), three of them ensure the uniqueness of downstream output.

Part Collection

Name Type Description Length
BBa_K2557001 Coding Bxb1 recombinase 1565
BBa_K2557002 Composite Bxb1 attB-RFP-Bxb1 attP 935
BBa_K2557010 Composite TetO-miniCMV promoter-Bxb1 1890
BBa_K2557019 Composite miniCMV promoter-Bxb1-RDF 2391
BBa_K2557032 promoter miniCMV promoter 38
BBa_K2557035 Reporter TagRFP 711
BBa_K2557038 DNA TetO 271
BBa_K2557041 DNA Bxb1 attB 96
BBa_K2557042 DNAe Bxb1 attP 112
BBa_K2557047 Coding Bxb1-RDF 2345