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Team members


Team members

Yaxuan Wu

A preson who loves freedom,
likes unrestrained, close to nature,
likes extreme sports,
also likes to stand on top of the world looking down on the earth.
Yes! This person is me,
the captain of the iGEM team,
responsible for planning and scheduling,
and occasionally doing a few small experiments.
And I am from
the College of Life Sciences of
Nanjing Agricultural University.

Jitao Ge

When I was very young,
I liked to explore the mysteries of nature.
After I went to college,
I fell in love with life sciences.
I told myself that this is what you want.
Therefore, I have participated in many research activities.
This time I participated in iGEM,
I gained science, friendship and enthusiasm.

Chengzhu Fang

My name is Chengzhu Fang.
I am studying at College of Veterinary Medical
of Nanjing Agricultural University.
My major is veterinary medicine.
I love sports, thinking and music,
especially good at basketball and table tennis.
In the iGEM team NAU-CHINA,
I am mainly responsible for the functional verification
about TetO/R system and cell experiments in the project.
The longer you get along with me,
the more you will find the charm of me.

Yuan Yu

Hello, everyone.
My name is Yuan Yu.
My teammate often call me YY.
I like travelling but no opportunity.
I love reading but no time.
When can I have free time?
That is a question.
After a long period of exploration,
I find that working, working, working,
no lazy, no slack off and no delay,
then I will have time to do what I want to do.
Now, let me see, what else have I not done?

Jiaxin Zhou

Sometimes innocent
sometimes crazy
sometimes know a lot.
There are infinte me in one physical body.
But all the scars make who I really am.
All the tribulation makes me different.
Things may not be going on well now,
but it will be going on well.

Hao Rong

I am from Yangzhou,
a place full of magic.
In the NAU_CHINA of iGEM,
I am responsible for the development of iGEMCloud.
I am young, too simple sometimes naive,
but full of interest in the world.

Jiangyuan Liu

Glad to see you on such an endless Internet.
My name is Jiangyuan Liu.
I love reading
and find a lot of fun when I'm trying different things.
Enjoying the life,
and trying to become a better self is my belief.
Wish you have a nice day.
And a brighter future.

Siqi Wei

Enjoying reading, traveling and delicacy!
Sometimes I am little introverted.
But I would love to make new friends.
What is more,
I want to see the world personally.
My favorite quotes is "Never ever say never ever".

Peikai Li

I majored in industrial engineering before,
but now turn to mathematics.
I was proficient in piano at a young age,
and now get involved in a variety of ball games
as well as good at long-distance running.
Recently I'm concentrating on mathematics
and hope to achieve something inspiring.
At the same time,
I enjoy travelling with like-minded friends!

Sheng Xu

A student in horticulture college of NAU,
taking part in the wet lab, molecular cloning.
A lover of guitar, soccer, flower and call of duty.
What I devoted most to in sophomore year is iGEM
which is full of challenge and amazement.
In some respects, iGEM changed me.

Chunfeng Wang

I mainly participated in the work of wetlab.
I think experimenting is a very interesting thing.
I am passionate about experiencing new things.
For me, iGEM is very attractive.
It takes me into a new world of synthetic biology,
which is full of charm and amazement.

Yifei Ren

I am a junior student from College of Life Science.
I have heard about iGEM since I was a freshman
and I was very looking forward to participate in this competition since then.
I enjoy everything I do in iGEM
and it is an unforgettable experience joining in this competition.

Yiheng Liu

Being a menber of NAU-iGEM is a most exciting thing for me.
Art designing allows me to show
the charm of synthetic biology to everyone.
I hope to use my knowledge and skills in biology
to make the world a better place for you and for me.

Zelan Huang

I like vibrant, colorful things,
like listening to music and watching movies.
In the team,I am mainly responsible for HP matters .
For me, iGEM is a brand new experience,
full of autonomy and exploration.
Interesting things like reading, watching movies,
listening to music, jogging, photography, etc.
On weekdays also revolve around my life.
Not only can I make good adjustments,
but I also have different ideas from HP from time to time.