Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University iGEM team hoped that we completed the following descriptions, but their model design changed later, and this program may be abandoned by them.

XJTLU would like to complete a model describing exosome carrying mRNA into the BBB (blood-brain barrier). It is necessary to construct a relationship about the parameters. We assisted them in the construction of the third model. Our main work is to establish a mathematical model that calculates the effective residual amount of mRNA that reaches endothelial cells after t at a certain size. The method is to read the material they provided and other material we found to understand their model concept, analyze the main factors affecting the remaining amount: secretion loss and degeneration loss, and then discuss the rationality of the model.

The overall purpose of their third model is to simulate the following figure. The purpose of simulating this figure is to obtain a range of effective values of mRNA that finally reaches the nerve cells by simulating the process by which the exosomes pass through the blood-brain barrier.


We have contacted Ocean University of China in the early stage to reach a cooperation. We will provide a PDF version of our Synthetic Biology comic book in our campus synthetic biology and iGEM publicity activities, which we will explain on the day of the event.

On September 28, 2018, the iGEM team of Nanjing Agricultural University and the Science Association of the College of Life Sciences jointly organized the iGEM science popularization activities on campus. The whole activity focused on “Going Close to the Laboratory – the Daily Life of the School Team","Going Close to the Competition - the Experimentation Task and Benefits, "Going Close to Dreams - Recruiting Talents" Three themes, using the panels to present synthetic biology knowledge, iGEM competition profiles and team composition, as well as new topics for this year's iGEM team.

The gifts of this event not only have the "transport RNA" keychain designed by our iGEM team, but also the cooperation support of synthetic biology comics designed by OUC. Many students have come to look up and ask.


Peking University provided our laboratory with the plasmid we needed.


HZAU-China has designed the OmpA-RGD protein to achieve this goal because of the need to enhance the targeting of engineered Salmonella they use. RGD is a well-studied tumor homing tripeptide that specifically binds to αvβ3 (αvβ3) integrin, which is widely overexpressed on cancer cells. So there is a cell line called MDA-MB-231 that shows the αvβ3 needed for their further targeting and safety experiments. So we helped them contact the channel from the Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology to get the cell line.


Based on the problems encountered in the advancement of the previous issues, we developed an APP in order to solve the problem of communication between the teams on the subject, real-time understanding of the dynamics of each team, and seeking help.

The following is an introduction to our app:

We developed iGEMCloud to solve some of iGEM's current problems, with immediacy, openness and interactivity. Currently, information about iGEM comes from many websites. They are scattered, chaotic, and unfriendly to individual users. So we created this app (until now, it is based on android, we hope to launch iOS version in the future), we hope it is an information collection platform, receiving the latest information of iGEM, this is a microblog user who allows everyone to personally or The form of the team is involved in the discussion and the community built for iGEMer around the world.

In order to better get feedback from our app and improve accordingly to make it more suitable for team use, our ideas are more perfect. We contacted China Pharmaceutical University to help us test the software.

They help us fix the software by sending post updates and more.

Based on the posts they sent, we conducted another software fix upgrade.

China Pharmaceutical University gave us affirmation and help, and put forward corresponding opinions on the user's feelings, etc., not only give us encouragement, but also let us have a direction for the improvement of APP in the future.


Our previous methods were similar. We promoted through the seminars, conducted campus exhibitions, and let everyone communicate with us face to face. We can also understand your thoughts and questions more clearly. It is mainly to hold activities that can reach more people and raise awareness of iGEM.

In the early stage, we discussed with the Xiamen University team about the norms and methods of the team selection process. Later, we also discussed how to train new players in the initial stage of team formation.

In May 2018, we conducted the 2019 iGEM recruiting seminar. After the presentation, we conducted the first round of team formation through the QQ group, and released our training and selection items in it. Everyone entered different groups according to their intentions. After that, the relevant leaders in the 2018 team will be trained. In the early stage, I met with you through the group meeting, and arranged and taught the tasks according to different contents, and conducted an assessment between September and October 2018. Different groups determine the way of assessment according to needs. The number module is tested by some models, the art team is initially selected by some design tasks, and the other groups are also performing corresponding tasks.

Throughout the training period, we also conducted unified training for the experimental part. At present, we are more likely to share the necessary bibliography, organize everyone to self-learn, and submit corresponding summary reports on a regular basis.

We have exchanged information with Xiamen University this year. They have put forward some opinions on our training. During the communication process, we found that the selection methods between our two teams are different. They will be the newly selected players. After the determination, the training is carried out, and we are gradually training during the entire selection process, and through the step by step assessment. At the same time, it was found that a large amount of literature reading was started at the beginning, which is a bit difficult for the initial selection. It may be necessary to provide some help, such as some training in reading skills and reading focus. After the discussion, we conducted the previous literature learning training in the second phase of the selection, and found that the literature review written by the second phase of the team was more logical, and also able to better grasp the key points.

Finally, we communicated with the daily management of the team, just like the problems encountered when starting the team. After entering the team, the basic aspects of the experimental part must be approved. After the preliminary determination of the project, each The tasks of the group are gradually becoming clearer. When we communicate with each other, we all have one thing in common. Most of us have a number of positions, which also strengthens the communication between groups. It shows that iGEM is a common combination, although there are different combinations. Division of labor, but everyone does not work separately, but is always closely linked.

Through the exchanges with the iGEM team at Xiamen University, we have a better system in the whole construction process of the team, and we have more experience in the future recruiting, and all aspects are more organized.


We received the the plasmids with synnotch and surface-expressed EGFP from iGEM 2018 Fudan Team, which constributed to the construction of our upstream circuit.


By chance, we contacted Zhejiang University of Technology and hoped to communicate on the construction of the website. The two sides mainly conducted in-depth and multi-faceted exchanges on WIKI production and writing details, and also shared some problems they discovered during the construction process, reminding the other party not to make mistakes on this issue. Later, we discussed layout development, grammar optimization, and emerging Web development techniques.

Throughout the construction of the entire webpage, with the exchanges between our two parties, there will be some places that have suddenly realized each other, and they are very rewarding and have established a profound team friendship.