We would like to thank those who have helped us in the competition. Their help and support for us to make our project a success.

Team members

As the caption of NAU-CHINA 2018, main rsponsibilities of Yaxuan Wu are to design the project, experiments and interact with other iGEM teams. He also do some experiments. He preside over the bi-weekly group meeting, and check the team members' work at the meeting, and issue new tasks.

Jitao Ge participated in the construction of the syn-Notch transgenic plasmid and completed the design, registration, construction and sample submission of parts. He also participated in the completion of Safety Form, Human practice, notebook recording and wiki writing.

Yuan Yu constructed plasmids in upstream circuit and did cell experiments to examine the effect of our system.

Sheng Xu designed most cloning strategies including the system of Recombinases and Recombinases with RDF .He also assisted in interlab.

Chunfeng Wang constructed a portion of plasmids about the recombinase and recombinases with RDF , as well as three parts. She is also responsible for the pronuclear verification of recombinase.

Chengzhu Fang constructed plasmids, checked the problems in the laboratory, did experiments on cells, and participated in interlab study.

Peikai Li assisted with simple experimental operations and participated in the human practice activities. He also built a mathematical model to simulate the feasibility and stability of the path. By using different algorithms for calculation, he got the results.

Yifei Ren was responsible for human practice and wet lab. He planned the work arrangement of the whole human practice work, organized the popular science propaganda, interviews with researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, interviews on citizens, campus lectures, and training in synthetic biology in high schools. He also constructed a plasmid which can be used to verify the function of RDF.

Zelan Huang was mainly responsible for HP's various matters, and continuously carried out related activities and information collection, and timely gave feedback to the subject.

Jiangyuan Liu is responsible for subject crossing: removing the barrier between experiments and modeling.Wiki master.

Siqi Wei is responsible for the production and modification of wiki, collecting the process and result materials for it. Besides, her previous work focused on the wet lab.

Yiheng Liu participated in Interlab study, designed posters, PPTs and part of wiki elements

Jiaxin Zhou participated in the artwork of project, as well as the construction and verification of recombinase and RDf system.

Hao Rong was responsible for the software part and developed the application called iGEMCloud.


Prof. Xiong You supported us in modeling.

Prof. Jiandong Jiang supported us and provided laboratory, funds and other resources.

Prof. Xi Chen (Nanjing Agricultural University) allowed us to use his lab to do some experiments.

Prof. Xi Chen (Nanjing University) allowed us to use his lab space and arrange his student Xu Guo to help our cell experiments.

Prof. Sheng Yang allowed us to use his lab space and arrange his student Yingzhuo Wang to help us construct plasmids.

Prof. Jin Wang for providing us with equipments and laboratory.

Prof. Wei Xuan Supplied us with YFP gene.

Prof. Jingyu Lang allowed us to use his lab space such as Cell Culture Room and gave us lots of advices for our project.

Associate Prof. Wei Lu together with Experimentalist Jun Chen gave great advice on how to manage and arrange a lab for maximum efficiency and mentorship on safety within the lab.

Prof. Jin Cui supported us in funding.

Teacher Xiaoyue Wang for regularly checking on our work and giving very useful feedback.

Lecturer Jufang Wang helped us to write wiki in order to eliminate errors in grammar and vocabulary. She also helped us on presentation and poster, makes them attractive and scientific.


Long Yuan is a Student advisor, primarily brainstormed while designing the project, preliminarily tested the upstream response with various elements.

Xu Guo is the helper of our cell experiments. He guides us on how to do cell experiments.

Other sources of help

Yiming Dong provided us with three plasmids containing recombinases.

Students of Prof. Ying Huang,including Yuhan Zhang and Sha Cheng provided swingeing help in purification of EGFP in National Center for Protein Science Shanghai.

Students of Prof. Xiong You,including Dongxu Diao, Siyao Liu and Yuxin Zhang provided help in Algorithm design.

Qingyi Shen dubbed for the App promotional video.

Yingying Han, Zelin Zhu, Yi Zhu, Hao Huang, Lizhen Yang helped us to check wiki.

Mira helped us building our wiki.

Associate Prof. Gabriel Yedid helped us helped us to write wiki in order to makes it attractive and scientific.

Special Acknowledgement

Science for all banners.