This year, NAU-CHINA is trying to build a genetic circuit "MOSFETs" in animal T cells which is "Monitoring and Operating System Founded on Engineered T cells". Here we are going to share our experience in safety control.

Safe Project Design

Choosing a non-pathogenic chassis

In our project, non-pathogenic cell line of jurkat cell was the chassis used to transfection and protein expression, what’s more, non-pathogenic strains of E. coli were the only chassis used to perform molecular cloning.

Choosing parts that will be environmental friendly

Harmful parts are not allowed in our project. The parts in our project are mostly commonly used Notch protein, recombinases and promoters, so that none of our parts would raise any safety issues according to current professional knowledge.

Safe Lab Work

Biosafety and biosecurity exam

We stipulate that only those who have passed the online security exam can enter the laboratory. The safety test questions are determined by the School Experimental Safety Committee and cover the daily safety and biosafety of the laboratory.

Daily lab work

According to the requirements of iGEM policy, in our daily laboratory work we never performed any dangerous experiments or faced any unusual safety issues. We strictly followed some basic regulations as follows:

1. Participants need to understand the experiment completely.

2. Wear rubber gloves during all experimenters.

3. Steps with any probability of contamination should be performed in a biosafety cabinet.

4. Fire, electric heaters, and microwave ovens should never be left unattended.

5. All liquid and solid waste containing living organisms must be autoclaved.

6. The last person to leave the lab should make sure that water, electricity, gas, and air conditioners have been turned off, and doors and windows have been locked before leaving.

Ethical Risks

Although we have some applied outlook for our project, we currently do not conduct validation experiments in animals or the environment.

If you want to know more about our safety, you can visit our Safety Form.