Team:NTHU Formosa/Attributions


  Each of our team members plays vital and integral role in completing this project. All individuals invested huge deal of time and efforts in designing the project, running experiments in lab, building wiki page, arranging social engagements, and making videos and props for demonstration. Also, there are many supports provided by our PI, instructors and professors in our universities. We would like to thank you all for the helpful contribution that gave us such a great experience joining iGEM this year!

Experiments: Hsuan Cheng、Yi-Chien Chuang、Ching-Lin Kao

Human Practice: Every team member

Wiki: Ching-Lin Kao、Wei-Hsiang Shen、Wen-Chih Chen、Liang-Yu Ko、Hsuan Cheng、Yi-Chien Chuang、Shu-Mei Chi、Hsin-Ying Wen、Yu-Chi Chang、Chia-Jo Chen、Chiao-Hsuan Hsu、Li-Chi Chen


Yu-Chun Lin (PI)
instructing the design of our project and presentation. Provided lab for the whole igem experiments.

Dr. Chieh-Cheng Huang
provided plate reader for Interlab study and assisted with the IVIS imaging of our project.

Dr. Hui-Chun Cheng
taught and assisted us with the purification of EGFP protein needed for the experiments of our project.

Pr. Lee-Wei Yang
assisted with completion of modeling of our project.

Dr. Chuang-Rung Chang
Provided plate reader

Singular wings medical
Provided feedbacks on our presentation skills

Every participants
Contributed in our survey