Team:NTHU Formosa/Team

 Hsuan Cheng (Nicole)

Nicole is the leader and wetlab member of our team, who is double majoring in the Department of Medical Science and the Department of Foreign Language and Literature. Always amazed by biology research, she joins (NTHU) YCL lab specializing in synthetic biology and cell imaging. Enjoying doing experiments and spending her whole summer vacation in lab, horse riding and music help her relax and stay enthusiastic and optimistic to face any challenges coming. She cannot wait to visit Boston!

 Yi-Chien Chuang (Debby)

Debby is in wetlab. She majors in Department of Applied Science. She is very hardworking and responsible. If she’s not at home, she is in lab. She hopes that one day her research in biology can improve people’s life. Her favorite way of killing time is watching or reading biomedical-related film or articles.

 Chiao-Hsuan Hsu (Sherry)

As Sherry just joined a lab specializing in proteomics, she is trying to make an all- out effort to take care of both her lab and iGEM project. She is our great help in taking survey in Human Practice and wiki page texture design.

 Shu-Mei Chi (Sandy)

She is a junior in the Department of Life Science. She is in charge of documenting and Human Practice. She arranged all of our visits with doctors, professors and industries. She did a great job connecting our project to the society.

 Chia-Jo Chen (Emily)

Emily is a junior, a member in cancer research lab and studies in the department of Medical Science. She is in charge of human practice and promoting popular science to the public. She is always energetic and brings a lot of joy to the students we met.

 Yu-Chi Chang (Rachel)

She is a junior in the Department of Life Science. She doesn’t talk a lot, but she sure is a very helpful and efficient member of ours who contributed to making our poster, managing our facebook page and wiki page. As helpful as she is, we are surprised when she told us that her favorite way of killing time is sleeping.

 Kuan-Hsien Chen (Jacky)

Jacky, a junior in Biomedical Engineering Department, is our book-keeper and majorly involved in Human Practice work. He always brings those receipts along. Losing these big receipt could give him heart attack.

 Li-Chi Chen (Richard)

Richard is a junior in the department of Life Science. He’s our active member who greatly attribute to designing and making slides show and video clip of our project. Works coming from his nimble fingers is always stunning and impressive!

 Hsin-Ying Wen (Stella)

Stella is a junior in the Department of Life Science. She contributed a lot to making the video of our project and wiki page art design. Painting, singing, and traveling are her hobbies. As an outgoing person, there is no way to stop her from joining this trip to Giant Jamboree!

 Ching-Lin Kao (Alan)

As a junior majoring in the department of Medical Science and joined a lab in Molecular and synthetic biology, he is also a very gifted artist in our team. Except for doing the experiment, he designed our wiki page and drew all the pictures and icon we needed with his skillful talent. Enjoying painting, he wishes to visit great museums, exhibitions in US.

 Liang-Yu Ko (Leo)

Being one of our youngest members, a sophomore in Department of Life Science, he contributed in Human practice and contributed a lot to building wiki page. Amazed by the creativity and synthetic biology, he enjoys learning in the team.

 Po-Ray Huang (Ray)

Ray is a freshman in the department of Life Science. Although he is the youngest on the team, he worked hard and participated in Interlab Study and looking for sponsor, both of which are very successful works. We believe Ray will be a very good senior and member to guide his teammate in next year’s iGEM team.

 Wei-Hsiang Shen (Tommy)

Tommy majors in Electric Engineering and Computer Science, and he helps building the wiki page. He likes to sleep alot, but he often stays up late dealing with complicated CSS and Javascript problem. He swears that he would not become a front-end engineer when he graduate.

 Wen-Chih Chen (Simba)

Wen-Chih studies systems Neuroscience with a background in chemistry. Curious about many fields, he invests himself by learning about coding in his free time.We are happy that we have him to take charge of building our Wiki-page. He sure prove how useful multidiciplnary is! While we chatted, we sure found out his passion in watching drama, exercising and education.

 PI: Yu-Chun Lin

Yu Chun Lin is an assistant professor at National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan. His recent research focuses on the development of new tools to precisely control cells via various external stimuli such as chemicals and medical ultrasound. He is glad to supervise the NTHU_Formosa iGEM team and very looking forward to seeing everyone in Giant Jambroee!

 PI: Chung-Yu Lan

Chung-Yu Lan is a popular and award-winning professor in the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology, NTHU. His research is on the biology and pathogenicity of Candida albicans, with an emphasis on interactions between C. albicans and its hosts. His multidisciplinary approach on research includes molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry as well as functional genomics.