Team:NTNU Trondheim/Awards



  • Registration and Giant Jamboree Attendance.

  • Competition Deliverables:

    • Completede this wiki page.

    • Delivered and presented our poster.

    • Presented our project at the Giant Jamboree.

    • Completed the Judging form.

  • Created a page on the wiki with attributions to everyone involved in the project.

  • completed the InterLab Measurement Study.


  • Designed a brand new BioBrick Part and submitted it to the iGEM Registry.

  • Collaborated with the Marburg team.

  • Document our investigations on whether our work is responsible and good for the world. See our Human practices page.


  • Integrated our Human Practices work into our project design.

  • Used our model find meaningfull information and improve our project design.

  • Demonstrate that our engineered system works.


As one of five teams in the overgrad class, we were nominated to the award "Best measurement"! You can read more about our work on developing a measurement protocol for our project on the Measurement page.

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