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The NTNU iGEM team 2018

Carmen (22)

Hi! I’m Carmen. I’m studying biotechnology and I’m starting with my fourth year of my integrated master’s degree. Ever since I was in high school, I was fascinated about how synthetic biology can apply to solve different problems around us. I joined the iGEM-team because I like to get more experiences, work with other team members, get new friends and create beautiful memories together. When I’m not working with our iGEM-project, I cook with my friends and have a nice chat during the meal. Another thing that I really like is to travel to different countries. Usually, I don’t have any special plans on my sightseeing or to do list. I just enjoy walking around while exploring the beauty of the places, and of course taste the local food

Amanda (20)

Amanda is our youngest team member. A youngster. Our little baby if you like. She is here to steal all our knowledge!

Hello! I am studying Biotechnology and will begin my second year this fall. I applied to join NTNU's iGEM Team 2018 because I love learning and challenging myself. I am really looking forward to see all the exciting projects at the Giant Jamboree in October, and to present our own project! In my spare time I enjoy being outside, running, basketball, cooking and having friends over.

Anja (22)

Hello! I am doing an integrated master's degree in computer science and will start my third year this fall. Therefore, I am mostly responsible for our wiki, but I occasionally mess up in the lab, too 😊 iGEM is a great opportunity to gather research experience and to learn how to cooperate in teams. Other than iGEM, I love most TV-series that begin with the letter G (GoT&GossipGirl), reading, running and lifting heavy objects before putting them down again. So excited to work with our project and to meet you all at the Jamboree this fall!

Adrian (25)

Hello! My name is Adrian, born and raised on the far east side in Norway's capital Oslo. My deoxyribonucleic acids (DNA) are composed of 50% Croatian and 50% Norwegian genes. I've just finished my bachelor's degree in Biology and will continue with a two year master programme in Biotechnology on NTNU in Trondheim. iGEM seemed like a great opportunity to work as a scientist and solve problems in a team with other scientists to save the world. And yeah, also a great oportunity for making lab-memes (iGEM should also have a special price for the best iGEM related meme, in my opinion). When I’m not transforming E. coli or isolating plasmid DNA, I like to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or watch football (European football, the original type). Looking forward to the Big Jamboree in October!

Anne (23)

Hi! This is my forth year studying Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology with specialization in biotechnology. I decided to apply for the iGEM competition because it seemed like a unique opportunity to get hands-on experience in the lab and with teamwork. Participating in iGEM is also a great way of learning about how to plan and perform projects, through all stages. I believe many of the world's problems will be solved with biotechnology, and it is inspiring to learn about all the new technological innovations. In my spare time, I like to play handball, hang out with friends and go hiking. I look forward to seeing all the projects and teams in Boston!

Hanna (22)

Hey! I am beginning my fourth year studying Biotechnology at NTNU this autumn. I chose Biotechnology as main profile after 2 years of studying Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. I applied for the NTNU iGEM-team because it is a great opportunity to explore science both theoretically and in the laboratory. I am amazed by the possibilities biotechnology provides, and I am eager to learn more and be a part of this. In my spare time, I enjoy going on long walks/runs with my dog while listening to podcasts. It is also fun to go to concerts and cafés with my friends when the student budget allows it.

Hege (22)

Hey! I will be starting my 4th year on Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology this autumn, specialising in biotechnology. I applied for iGEM because I wanted to learn more about synthetic biology, teamwork and how it is to work in the lab. iGEM is also a great opportunity to learn how to plan and perform research. In my spare time, I like to run, watch TV-shows and hang out with my friends. Looking forward to the Giant Jamboree!

Vanessa (22)

Hi! I am studying for a Master’s Degree in Biotechnology, and have just finished my third year. I love biotech with my whole brain, which is the main reason why I applied to iGEM. I truly believe that Synthetic Biology will offer solutions to many global problems, and therefore I want to learn more about it and be a part of it’s rapid development. iGEM is also a great opportunity to gain lab experience, team work skills as well as input to my continuous pursuit of knowledge and scientific puzzles. Apart from studying and doing iGEM-related activities, I also enjoy hiking, reading, listening to music and constructing arts and crafts.

Paulius (22)

Hi, I'm Paulius and I've been studying biotechnology for the past three years. I joined iGEM because I wanted to be a part of an exciting synthetic biology competition in iGEM, make some friends and gain some valuable experience along the way. In my spare time I enjoy playing video games and listening to music, as well as playing basketball and chess.

Tor (22)

I've studied theoretical chemistry for three years now. I joined iGEM to get insight into how a research team works and cooperates. I'm also interested in how computer models are implemented in different branches of science, hence why I wanted to lead the modeling of the project. In my spare time I run, practice 10 meter air rifle, and play both board and video games.

Our supervisors

Eivind Almaas

Eivind Almaas is a Professor at the Department of Biotechnology and Food Science at NTNU. He is also the leader of Almaas Labs, a lab that works within the field of system biology. Eivind is our main supervisor, and has guided us through our project from the very beginning. He has lots of experience with the iGEM competition as he has been the NTNU iGEM team's main supervisor for many years, which has given us valuable insight and a different perspective. Thank you for all your time and help, and for keeping us focused on what's important!

Nikolay Martyushenko

Nikolay Martyushenko is a PhD candidate at the Department of Biotechnology and Food Science at NTNU. He is also a former member of last year's iGEM NTNU team, and therefore has hands-on experience with the competition. He has been most valuable to us, and taught us everything we need to know about working in the lab. He will also be accompanying us at the Giant Jamobree in Boston. We appreciate all your help over the past months - we have learnt so much from you. Thank you!