The Interlab study is aimed toward developing a robust measurement procedure for GFP expression. The interlab participants follow a detailed protocol for transformation of plasmids, calibration, and measurement of the plasmid expression. For more detailed information please take a look at the official iGEM interlab measurement page. Below is the methods used and data collected during the Interlab Study:

Plate Well Pattern

This is the well plate pattern used in the Interlab for the final absorbance and fluorescence measurement.

OD600 Reference Point

A 96 well plate containing 4 samples of Ludox CL-X and 4 samples of distilled H2O are measured to establish and OD600 Reference Point which will later be used in the final absorbance measurement.

Particle Standard Curves

A 96 well plate containing 4 replicate serial dilutions of silica beads are used to construct a standard curve of particle concentration which can be used to convert Abs600 measurements to an estimated number of cells. Below is the data and graphs collected for the particle standard curves:

Fluorescein Standard Curve

A 96 well plate containing 4 replicate serial dilutions of Fluorescein. The data and standard curve below is used to compare the fluorescence data collected for the GFP between the teams.

Abs600 Raw Plate Readings

A 96 well plate containing 4 replicates of each colony and device are measured at 0 and 6 Hour for absorbance and fluorescence. Below is the data for the fluorescence and absorbance of our devices at 0 and 6 hours.

Fluorescence Raw Plate Readings

The devices and data that are mentioned in this webpage are collected and produced by Jake Yang, Annabel Chang, and Yasmin Lin.