Team:NYMU-Taipei/Part Collection

This year, we constructed plenty of parts that can be categorized into 3 groups:

1. The plasmids for FRET Model

This group ranges from part BBa_K2751000 to BBa_K2751007. The parts are the ones that we primarily constructed and utilized in the FRET system. BBa_K2751000 is a pET32a with its MCS replaced with sequences designed by us. The replacement sequence contains a specifically designed MCS that can be inserted with a FRET protein and a DKK1-binding protein and express the two proteins as a fusion protein under the control of lac operon of pET32a. Hence, part BBa_K2751003 to part BBa_K2751007 are all cloned using BBa_K2751000.

2. The Submitted Parts

Ranging from BBa_K2751008 to BBa+K2751015 are the parts that we sent for the medal criteria. Since we have establish a system that is suitable for our project but completely different from RFC 10 regulations this year, we can only submit a portion of the parts we have created or there would be too many point mutations to make. While all of them except mEGFP, which is assigned as the improved part, are functional and eligible for silver medal's validated part criteria, BBa_K2751013 stood out as our favorite composite part and BBa_K2751015 is our favorite basic part.

3. The plasmids for Cell Model

The Cell Model has 4 major contructs: from BBa_K2751024 to BBa_K2751027. They are the plasmids that are transformed into HEK293 and DP for fluorescence exhibition.

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