We would like to thank the following people for assisting iGEM Eindhoven with advice or assistance with things that we could not do ourselves.


Ingeborg Schreur-Piet has been taking the SEM (scanning electron microscopy) images for us.

Also, for the Interlab Studies we had to use a plate reader. Since we had not worked with these before, we would like to thank Ir. Lenne Lemmens for explaining us how to work with a plate reader to successfully complete the Interlab Studies.

For performing Western Blots, we would like to thank Ir. Simone Wouters for providing us with the anti-his antibodies required and Sergio Spaans for instructing us with the western blot.

Because we are working with Genetically Modified Organisms, we had to fill in safety forms for the iGEM Foundation. These forms have been discussed and signed with Ir. Peggy de Graaf-Heuvelmans and Moniek de Liefde-van Beest.

Dr. Manoj Sharma has been assisting us with the creation of the PDMS molds that we used to create specific hydrogels for our cell-leaking experiments.

Roy Boonen

Roy Boonen, MSc, has helped us with designing the dextran monomer synthesis, the subsequent polymerization and optimization of these reactions. Without his aid, we would not have been able to tailor the dextran hydrogels for our project.


We would in particular like to thank the following persons at PAMM for helping us with our experiments on the S. aureus bacteria. Kees Verduin for being our overall guide and our main source of contact, Jeroen Tjhie for the introduction and Martijn Nijs and Jitske Stalpers for performing our experiments. With their help, we were able to efficiently characterize the effects of our produced lysostaphin targeting S. aureus and MRSA (Methicillin-resistant S. aureus). We want to thank them for allowing us to work in their labs and make use of their facilities.

Student team

iGEM Eindhoven is an official student team of Eindhoven University of Technology. Therefore we have been present at several information days at our university and public events like the Dutch Technology Week. This communication was between our team and Sacha Claessens (head of all the student teams), Mia Jelsma (Student team communication) and Carmen van Vilsteren (Director of Strategic Area Health) and we would thus like to thank them.

A special thanks also goes out to SensUs. We want to thank SensUs for inviting us to their SensUs Event 2018 which allowed us to share our project with a broader audience and discuss alternatives to antibiotics.

Human Practices

For our Safe-by-Design challenge, Korienke Smit and Cecile van der Vlught from the Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (Dutch: Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu, or short RIVM) have been giving us very useful information and have been of great help in the completion of our Safe-by-Design challenge. We would like to thank them for that.


We would like to thank Nanda Brouwers for making our invoices and managing our banking account.


We appreciate the help from iGEM Eindhoven 2017 and the tips they gave us to perform as best as possible this year.

Silverbee has been helping us with a short video that summarizes our project.

Finally, we would also like to thank Lily Frank, a philosopher and assistant professor at our University. She helped us with the ethics side of our human practices, and thus greatly contributed to us having the most information as possible regarding our project and its impact on society.

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