Overview of results

Hydrogel results

We have successfully synthesized a bio-compatible gel with macroporous structure form pharmaceutical-grade dextran. This gel has been shown to be stable and free from toxic biproducts and contaminants. We produced several iterations of our hydrogels, culminating in a prototype with a central chamber.

Adhesin results

We have successfully transformed into E. Coli a modified gene for a sugar-binding adhesin originally discovered in arctic bacteria. We demonstrated this protein enabled bacteria to bind to the hydrogel to withstand vigorous washing. We also performed experiments with a prototype patch and demonstrated dramatic reduction in leakage of our adhesin-expressing bacteria compared to bacteria not expressing adhesin.

Modeling results

We created 3 models to gain insights used to guide our design process.

Model 1 allowed us to predict the diffusivity of lysostaphin through a porous material,

Model 2 estimates the production of lysostaphin by E. Coli, and

Model 3 informed our design choices regarding patch dimensions and desired bacteria density and gave an idea about timescales during usage.


We have successfully expressed the bacteriocin lysostaphin in E. Coli and have successfully fused it with a type I secretion tag, improving on an old biobrick originally registered by HIT Harbin 2012 . Through a series of experiments performed in collaboration with microbiology laboratory PAMM, we confirmed the production and the secretion of lysostaphin by living E. Coli. Importantly, the experiments show that lysostaphin effectively kills S. Aureus and MRSA.


We added three composite parts and four basic parts. We have successfully improved a part made by a previous iGEM team and their project by demonstrating successful expression and secretion of lysostaphin.

During the 2018 Giant Jamboree, BBa_K2812004 was nominated by the jury for Best New Basic Part in the Overgrad competition. BBa_K2812005 was nominated by the jury for Best New Composite Part in the Overgrad competition.

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