Team:TU-Eindhoven/Medal Requirements

Medal Requirements

Bronze Medal

  • We have registered for iGEM, had a great iGEM season and will attend the Giant Jamboree.

  • We have met the deliverables.

  • We have documented our project on our WIKI.

  • We will present a poster about our project at the Giant Jamboree.

  • We will present our project in a 20 minute presentation at the Giant Jamboree.

  • We filled in and submitted the Safety Forms and Judging Form.

  • We have attributed all parts of our project.

  • We participated in the Interlab Measurement Study and documented our results.

Silver Medal

  • We have documented a new BioBrick: Carbohydrate-binding domain from MpIBP: BBa_K2812000.

  • We have done several collaborations, like the Postcard exchange, visiting meetups and we will also organize a Dutch meetup ourselves! The most meaningful collaboration was with iGEM team Hamburg. We shared our hydrogel with them so that they could analyze it and potentially use it for their project.

  • We collaborated with the Dutch Institute for Health and environment to make our project Safe-by-Design and we looked at the rules and regulations regarding GMOs to consider future implementation of the application of our project. We also visited several institutes and hospitals to learn more about wound infections and discussed our project with several experts.

Gold Medal

  • We integrated the feedback from experts and stakeholders into our design and applied design. Inspired by the concept of Safe-by-Design, we made several design iterations to improve on the safety of our project. We also informed our design choices based on an ethical analysis.

  • We have improved existing BioBrick BBa_K748002 by codon-optimizing it and adding a thrombin-secretion tag, creating our improved BioBrick BBa_K2812004.

  • We have modeled different aspects our project to gain more insight of the properties of our hydrogel and the diffusion of our proteins and bacteria.

  • We have demonstrated that our project works.