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Yingjin Yuan

Second PI
Bingzhi Li

Bobbie He
Instructor and head coach of team Tianjin. She provides day-to-day support and technical training for our team. She is the main designer of our project. At the same time, she leads us to explore synthetic biology and teaches team members the basic operations of biological experiments, and urges everyone to complete the tasks.

Team leader
Yan Zheng
Yan Zheng, is in charge of the global management, main principal for experiment operation and human practice.

Jiangnan Xie
Jiangnan Xie is a major experiment operator, a major investigator for the yeast two-hybrid system, part constructor, one of the wiki scripters and the safety form writers. She is responsible for reconstructing the circadian clock characterized by the combination of KaiC protein and KaiB protein. Also, She is responsible for the selection of report genes and the construct of some parts. Besides, she participates in the experiment of deleting genes and some measurement work such as the measurement of growth curve.

Team members
Wenyan Jia
Jia Wenyan is responsible for modeling, also she participates in the search for information, such as yeast two-hybrid.

Xiaoxiong Zhang
Xiaoxiong Zhang is one of the experiment operators. He also assists in the early modeling.

Jiaxiao Han
Jiaxiao Han is responsible for writing Wiki pages and he also participates in the design of Wiki.

Rui Mu
Mu Rui is mainly responsible for the luciferase measurement experiment and a part of HP work, such as advertising our team through Wechat, promoting synthetic biology through lectures etc. Writing the wiki of measurement sector is also one of her obligations.

Run Li
Run Li participates in the modeling work in our team.

Jinyu Yang
Jinyu Yang is responsible for the lecture review and she is involved in part of some experimental design. She is also a major experiment operator.

Yiran Liu
Yiran Liu is one of the experiment operators, and she is responsible for the public education work.

Yiran Liu
He is a wingman, who usually take a cover for my teammates. At most of time, he serves as a lab assistant and participated in the construct of some parts, like the fluorescin. Sometimes he takes some other jobs, like looking up literature and Human Practice.

Haoqian Zhao
Haoqian Zhao is a major experiment operator. At the same time, he is also the main person in charge of the part construction experiment and the preparation of the part web page.

Xiangyunxiu Meng
Xiangyunxiu Meng, an experimental operator, is mainly responsible for the construction of reporter gene plasmid and its notebook writing.

Han Luo
Han Luo is in charge of the literature research on the experimental mechanism. She is also one of the main experimental operators responsible for the construction of plasmids and experimental bacteria. She also participated in the measurement of experimental data and the preparation of wiki.

Yiren Wang
Yiren Wang, one number of main principles for experiment operation, is responsible for the reconstruction of KaiABC circadian clock with different stageties. Besides, she make a contribution to parts of human practice and wiki writing.

Hao Qi
Hao Qi is the art design director of our team.

Lei Yu
Lei Yu is a major experiment and one of the Wiki Scripters in our team. Also she is a Parts Desigener.

Peng Lan
Peng Lan’s main work is mathematical modeling and human practice activity. She helps build the foundational model for the KaiABC oscillation system. Later on, her job was fully focused on human practice. She has organized several collaborative activities to help improve the public awareness of synthetic biology. Further more, she has arranged lots of investigating activities to demonstrate that our project, though being a fundamental research, has practical use in our everyday life. These investigations are quite influential and help the application design of our project.

Chenrui Zhang
Chenrui Zhang is the advocator of our team, he has organized a serious of activities to expand our influence and attracted more people to approach synthetic biology. Meanwhile, he has done some research for our project and put them in to practice.

Guanyu Zhang
Guanyu Zhang mainly participates in drawing pictures of our team. He assists in some mathematical modeling and advertising work. He is also involved in writing parts of our wiki.

Xiaoyuan Shen
Xiaoyuan Shen mainly participates in the art design work of our team, she is also a beginer in experiment operation.

Mingzhe Han
Advisor of team Tianjin. He gave us many good advice and supported us all the time.

HP support
Prof. Weichi Wang
Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Help with the establishment of KaiABC mathematical model.

Prof. Yin Bao
School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Tianjin University Help with the Matlab solution of KaiABC mathematical model.

Prof. Yunjie Xu
School of Management, Fudan University Help with the design of questionare, How does the circadian clock affect your life.

Prof. Huifeng Jiang
Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Help with the selection of follow-up product for practical application.

Experimental support
Prof. Kun Zhao
Professor at Tianjin University. He generously made us available to the experimental equipments in his Lab. And helped us to detect the expression of EYFP in yeast with Leica DMi8, an excellent inverted microscope for life science research.

Chunying Feng
Postgraduate student in Prof. Kun Zhao’s Lab. She helped us take photos with a fluorescence microscope. She sacrificed her precious time to help us test the samples and gave us a lot of valuable advice.

Huaqing Liu
Postgraduate student in Prof. Kun Zhao’s Lab. He helped us take photos with a fluorescence microscope. And he is very enthusiastic to help us solve problems in the measurement process.

Prof. Bo Li
Professor at Tianjin University. He offered useful suggestions on our luciferase assay experimental design and kindly lend us Thermoscientific Luminoskan Microplate Reader and firefly Luciferase Assay Reagent II.