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The models we built included four parts. First, we established a fluorescent protein model to screen out the most suitable fluorescent protein, the main modeling method here is grayscale analysis. Then, for the large amount of measured OD values, we drew the growth curve of yeasts and it fitted logistic model. It described the growth situation of the yeasts after plasmid introduction, and we compare it with yeasts without any foreign plasmid. The growth curve also offers the best measuring point and the best measuring interval. What’s more, we drew the degradation curve of the fluorescent protein, which helps us know different characteristics of the two chosen fluorescent proteins better. Finally, we constructed a model to illustrate the oscillation of KaiA, KaiB and KaiC protein called Mars Model, it explained the reason why the cycle reduced in yeasts nicely. Modeling work integrated with experiments tightly made our project complete and convincing.