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Bronze Medal

1. Registration and Jamboree Attendence✔

2. Competition Deliverables: Wiki, Poster, Presentation, and Judging Form

3. Have completed our attribution page✔

4. Have added new, high quality, experimental characterization data to two existing BioBrick Part BBa_E2060 and BBa_E2030

Silver Medal

1. Submitted new BioBricks central to our project✔

2. Have significantly collaborated with several currently registered 2018 iGEM team(s) in a meaningful way✔

3. Have thought carefully and creatively about whether our work is responsible and good for the world. Human Practices

Gold Medal

1. Expanded on our silver medal activity. Integrated Human Practices

2. Improved a Previous Part. BBa_K1680009 (existing part) BBa_K2637010 (our new part)✔

3. Our project's design and implementation was based on insight we had gained from modeling

4. Our engineered system works in our host cells. Demontrate