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In pursuit of a rigorously scientific result, we have adopted multiple measuring approaches throughout the whole project, among which two predominant methods described in extreme detail in wiki, would inspire relative researchers.

As two sophisticated and renowned reporters in biotechnological domain, fluorescent protein and luciferase were opted to illustrate the effectiveness of our constructed oscillating system, detected by combined means and instrument. Mcherry and EYFP, two selected fluorescent reporters were measured by both fluorescence spectrophotometer and Leica DMi8 respectively. Leica DMi8 allows us to visually and intuitively see the expression of the fluorescent protein EYFP in Saccharomyces cerevisiae In terms of luciferase, in addition to commonly used firefly luciferase, a courageous attempt we made was to choose a novel luciferase NanoLuc and its live cell substrate in spite of no records of the usefulness in Saccharomyces cerevisiae before and obtained expected outcome successfully.