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Here is our part collection

This collection is to reconstruct the KaiABC circadian clock system of cyanobacteria in non-circadian yeast, characterized by yeast two-hybrid system.You can use the collection to research the circadian clock, produce different products at different times and regulate yeast's physiological activity such as a global regulation by chromosome structure.

They can be divided into three parts. The first is the basic parts, which contains the protein-coding regions, promoters, terminators and some genes about CRISPR. You can combine them freely to get a new cassette if you want a new cassette apart from ours. The second is composite parts, which can function independently. If you want to reconstruct a oscillator, you can refer to our project and combine some of them freely. The third part contains some downstream genes. They are the reporter genes or product genes. In our oscillator, both the reporter genes and product genes are expressed periodically. You can also replace the genes with yours and produce what you need to function day and night.All of the parts have been proved to be functional. Our part collection not only inspires others who work on the KaiABC rhythm system but also as a programmable tool for periodically expressing genes of interest in cells.