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Yingjin Yuan


Bingzhi Li

Second PI

Bobbie He


Instructor and head coach of team Tianjin. She provides day-to-day support and technical training for our team. She is the main designer of our project. At the same time, she leads us to explore synthetic biology and teaches team members the basic operations of biological experiments, and urges everyone to complete the tasks.

Yan Zheng

Team leader

My name is Yan Zheng, student leader of Team Tianjin. My major is Chemical Engineering, but I cannot be more interested in synthetic biology, so I decided to participate in iGEM again to learn more. I had incredible years and made many good friends here and learned the importance of team work. I could say nothing but thank you to all of members.

Jiangnan Xie

Team leader

I’m Jiangnan Xie, a sophomore of pharmaceutical engineering. I’m a little crazy about scientific research. For example, I often disrupt my own circadian clock just to stay up late doing experiment about the circadian clock. When the yeasts and E.coli are growing, I sleep. But when I am awake, they will start to do various mysterious things.

Wenyan Jia

Team members

I’m Wenyan Jia, a sophomore chemical engineering student at Tianjin University. I'm here to learn more about synthetic biology. It's interesting to have bacteria and yeasts work for us. It’s so excited for me to meet the iGEMers all over the world.

Xiaoxiong Zhang

Team members

I'm Xiaoxiong Zhang, a sophomore student majoring in pharmaceutical engineering. It is an excellent experience to participate in iGEM and meet these amazing teammates. Through this project, I have a better understanding of synthetic biology and biorhythm. Hoping our research can make a difference.

Jiaxiao Han

Team members

I’m Jiaxiao Han, a sophomore student majoring in chemical engineering, I am an ordinary student but show interests in lots of other knowledge, such as biochemical and computer science.

Rui Mu

Team members

Rui Mu, a fourth-year student of Pharmaceutical Engineering, is one of the most lovely and reliable members of Team iGEM 2018 Tianjin. I feel so fortunate to engage in iGEM this year, learning abundant knowledge as well as harvesting a challengeable and marvellous life experience.

Run Li

Team members

I'm Run Li, a 20-year-old outgoing girl. As a junior student majoring in chemical engineering, I'm quite interested in the field of synthetic biology and I hope to make more contribution in this promising field.

Jinyu Yang

Team members

Hello everyone, my name is Jinyu Yang. And it's my great honor to be here to introudce myself to you. I'm a senior student in Tianjin University, majoring in Pharmaceutical Engineering. Having great interest in Synthetic Biology, I participate in the iGEM this year. I really benefit from this experience which helps me to gain a strong sense of responsibility and cooperation.

Yiran Liu

Team members

I’m Yiran Liu, an undergraduate student from Tianjin University. Participating in iGEM is a perfect research experience which makes me know about the magic of biology. It sharpens my experiment skill, the knowledge of synthetic biology and interpersonal skill. This precious experience enables me to understand that the charm of scientific research needs to find out slowly. I’m happy to be an iGEMer.

Yahua Liu

Team members

Yo, this is Yahua Liu, a chemical engineering student in Tianjin University. Join the iGEM, and you gonna figure out what you really like, So come and get them, just as I do.

Haoqian Zhao

Team members

Haoqian Zhao, who enjoys others calling him Ganggang, is a handsome and intellegant guy. As a junior student of pharmaceutical engineering in Tianjin University, Ganggang came into contact with synthetic biology very early and began his exploration of it with great enthusiasm. He took a lot of responsibility in the lab, which made him team's favorite, even more than team's.

Xiangyunxiu Meng

Team members

Hello, I’m Xiangyunxiu Meng, a senior student of pharmaceutical engineering. As a night owl, I hope to have a regular body clock, just like our yeasts. I have many interests, such as music, movies, swimming and so on. But synthetic biology is my favorite. It’s a regretless choice for me to participate in iGEM.

Han Luo

Team members

My name is Han Luo and I am studying in Bioengineering, School of Chemical Engineering, Tianjin University. I am honored to be an iGEMer, and I hope to have a deeper understanding of synthetic biology in the competition. Looking forward to meeting iGEMer from all over the world.

Yiren Wang

Team members

Hello, I’m Yiren Wang, coming from Zhejiang, China. My major is bioengineering and I do have great passion in synthetic biology. 2018 iGEM is not only a good opportunity for me to father explore the amazing world of synthetic biology but also a great chance to make friends with so many excellent persons.

Hao Qi

Team members

I am Hao Qi, a senior who’s currently majoring in industrial design in TJU. So basically, I am the Design Director. I lead the design group to do all kinds of visual products. Hope you guys like my work and ideas. And it is such an honor to be a part of the team.

Lei Yu

Team members

I’m Lei Yu, an undergraduate student in the pharmaceutical engineering of Tianjin University. It’s my great honor for me to be able to join iGEM Tianjin, which have given me more opportunities to learn about synthetic biology. By this great experience, I not only gained a lot of knowledge, mastered many experimental operations, but also made so many good friends!

Peng Lan

Team members

I am Peng Lan, a junior Chemical Engineering student from Tianjin University. Participation in our program has brought me much more than the pure knowledge of circadian clock, but necessary skills for future scientific research. It is such a great journey to explore the biological world through iGEM competition and I’m eager to meet friends from around the world.

Chenrui Zhang

Team members

I am Chenrui Zhang and l m a student of pharmcetical engineering. It is so lucky for me to be an iGEMer. Because of iGEM, I firstly touch science so authentically and closely, I hope to be someone in the field of biology one day.

Guanyu Zhang

Team members

I’m Guanyu Zhang, a freshman majoring in the engineering science. Also, my majority is not quite related with iGEM, I’m really in favor of synthetic biology. Driven by the enthusiastic, I join iGEM Tianjin and learn a lot about how to research. It’s my fortune to get to know my lovely team members and I wish our team have a satisfying pay-off.

Xiaoyuan Shen

Team members

Hello, I am Xiaoyuan Shen. It is a hard-working artist in the iGEM group. Every day, every day, I am going to change the manuscript to the manuscript. It’s hard to do some experiments and get back to the design by my sister. Although I am mainly responsible for the art, I am very passionate about synthetic biology. I hope to learn more in this competition. I also look forward to communicating with the global iGEMers. I hope you will like my design.

Mickey Han