Calibration 1:

For Calibration 1 we filled four wells with Ludox Cl-X and the four wells with H2O. Then we used a spectrophotometer to measure the Optical Density of each of the samples. Optical Density for water and Ludox Cl-X were measured at 600 nanometers. The mean optical densities for Ludox Cl-X and ddH2O were 0.058 and 0.037, respectively.

Calibration 2: Particle Standard Curve- Microspheres

For Calibration 2, we conducted a serial dilution with monodisperse silica microspheres and determined the change in the OD600 with respect to the change in concentration of the silica beads in each well. The results confirmed that the optical density is directly proportional to the particle count of the silica microspheres. As previously mentioned, this graph properly displays that the Absorbance at 600 nm is directly proportional to the concentration of the silica beads.

Calibration 3: Fluorescence Standard Curve

To obtain a fluorescence standard curve we performed another serial dilution of fluorescein with a PBS buffer. Ultimately, the fluorescence should be directly proportional to the Fluorescein concentration. These results display that fluorescence is in fact directly proportional to the fluorescein concentration.

Cell Measurement Protocol:

The data indicates that the optical density has increased from a time of 0-6 hours, which can be attributed to the growth of the cells in Luria Broth.

Fluorescence Readings: