USAFA iGEM Project Attributions


  • Captain Michael Barnhart was our chief mentor and adviser during our project. He helped the team initially design our plasmids, approved experimental design, and helped us interpret results. He negotiated our funding for the Jamboree. He taught the team how to prepare media, plates, and transformations.
  • Dr. Katherine Bates advised us, structured our syllabus, and taught us useful concepts.
  • Dr. Mike Goodson was our adviser and mentor during our time at the Air Force Research Labs and taught us many techniques. He was integral in our late stage brainstorming and specific vector design.
  • Dr. Amy Ehrenworth helped us learn the techniques associated with Golden Gate vector assembly. She also used her expertise in yeast to help us clone strains needed for our project.
  • Dr. Jenn Garcia from Colorado College for providing us with the S. cerevisiae for transformations.
  • Dr. David Soll from the University of Iowa sent our team strains of yeast needed for the proper characterization of the white/opaque switch of C. albicans under various conditions.


  • The United States Air Force Academy (Department of Biology and Research Office) and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) provided funding and lab space.
  • The Air Force Research Lab at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB), OH granted us materials, funding, lab space, organisms, and mentors.
  • The Carroll HS team lent us their experience, mentors, and advice during our stay at WPAFB. We shared a lab space with them and were often aided by their more experienced members. We also practiced presenting with them in order to improve our communication skills.

Wiki Design

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