USAFA iGEM Collaborations


The United States Air Force Academy iGEM team collaborated with the United States Military Academy. The USMA tested our part to verify it was inserted into our plasmids. We offered to test and validate their part, but they did not have a testable product ready in time for us to test it.

USMA cadets performed two digests to confirm the insertion of the part into PSB1C3: 1) KpnI digest; KpnI can only produce fragments if the insert is present. The expected fragment sizes for this digest are ~3200 and 280bpwill 2) MscI and PstI double digest; MscI cuts once in the insert and the plasmid, and Pst cuts in the suffix. This digest will confirm orientation of the insert relative to the suffix and prefix sequences. The expected fragment sizes for this digest are ~1430, 1320, and 740bp.

Carroll HS

Carroll High School in Dayton, Ohio mentored the USAFA iGEM team. Carroll and USAFA shared lab space at AFRL and were able to practice presentations, work inter-lab issues, and develop ideas together. Carroll answered many of the questions that the USAFA iGEM team had regarding the wiki, iGEM administration, and the Giant Jamboree.